Matching Family Christmas Pajamas: 7 Best Places to Shop

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I absolutely love Christmas! And I love matching family Christmas pajamas. They are so fun to have over the holidays. We have movie nights on the weekends and it brings my mama heart so much joy. Watching Christmas movies next to the Christmas tree in our matching Christmas pajamas... the best. We snuggle up with our favorite Christmas blankets and popcorn. Ryder loves popcorn and we always make movie nights a whole experience with our at home popcorn machine!

You can shop our popcorn machine HERE and you can shop all six of my holiday gift guides at the bottom of this blog. You don't want to miss those, there are some awesome ideas in those blogs!

In this blog I will be sharing my favorite places to get matching Christmas pajamas for the family.

Christmas pajamas

Matching Family Christmas Pajamas: 7 Best Places to Shop

1. Hanna Andersson

Hanna Andersson is one of my favorites! They have an awesome selection and are great quality. I always have a set from Hanna Andersson each year. (Yes, I get a few multiple sets each year. Haha.)

Click HERE to see all of Hanna Andersson's Christmas pajama options for the family. 

2. Amazon

Amazon is another go-to for matching Christmas pajamas. Click HERE to see several different styles and patterns to chose from. These sets have matching slipper socks and Christmas pajamas for your dog! Haha. 

This fleece onesie is calling my name! Looks so cozy.

3. Old Navy

Old Navy always has lots of adorable Christmas pajamas for the family. I love this buffalo plaid! I also love these Santa pajamas. And don't forget some cozy socks! Click HERE to see two pages of Christmas pajama options at Old Navy.

matching Christmas pajamas

4. J. Crew

J. Crew has a great selection of pajamas for the family. I love this green button-up pajamas set. Check out all their holiday pajamas and options HERE. I love this red strip button-up set. It's a classic look. As well as these cozy green set pjs.

5. Target

There are pages and pages of options for matching Christmas pajamas for the family at Target. Click HERE to see all the options! I love this matching plaid set. A couple different style options for her (dress or pant set) and of course the dog! ;)

Christmas pajamas

6. Gap

This pink holiday unicorn pj set is so adorable! :) Gap has a lot of fun options for kids! Sharks, unicorns, Mickey Mouse, Star Wars and more. Click HERE to see all the Christmas pajama options Gap. 

7. Macy's

Macy's has some great Christmas pajamas as well. This plaid set is a classic Christmas pj set. This tropical set is adorable! I would totally get these if we were doing Christmas at the beach. (Which I would love to do someday!)

This Merry, Jingle, Jolly, Fa La La set is so fun as well. There are lots of different styles so you're sure to find one that works for the whole family. 


I had to throw in this adorable fuzzy trimmed pajama set. This is so much fun! :) I am also loving this multi-colored striped pj set for women. Adorable.

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Love, Stef

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