The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Men

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In this blog I will be going through 21 holiday gifts ideas for men. I know, I know. Men are hard to shop for. In this holiday gift guide for men you'll be sure to find something for your guy. Yep, even the guy who has everything! 

I have added a few extra bonus ideas at the bottom of this blog. Be sure to check those out! Many of these items have been given to Tooth (my husband) over the years and he's loved them. I hope you find something wonderful for your guy on this list of 21 best gifts for men!

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The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Men: 21 Thoughtful Gift Ideas

1. Beats Studio Buds

These wireless and noise cancelling earbuds are an excellent gift! I know Tooth wear his almost daily (especially while working out). I actually want a pair for myself!

2. North Face Duffel Bag + Backpack

Guys need cool bags to travel with. This North Face duffel bag is a unique gift idea for the guy who travels a lot (or takes a bag to the gym). For the guy who prefers a classic backpack, this North Face Pivoter is an excellent gift and sure to last for years and years. I actually still use my North Face backpack I used in high school! Which was just a few years ago. Haha.

3. Garmin Golf GPS

Speaking of golf (are guys ever not speaking of golf?) this Garmin Golf GPS was a hit a few years ago when I gave this to Tooth. I mean, he may have sent me the link to purchase (haha) but he was still excited about it! This is a great gift for your golf lovers!

4. Man Groomer

Ok, when I asked Tooth to give his input on this holiday gift guide for men, this was one of the first things he said! Haha. So, here you have it. The Man Groomer. Haha.

5. Cooling Weighted Blanket

This cooling weighted blanket is the best holiday gift for anyone who gets hot while they sleep. Studies also show that people sleep longer and harder when sleeping with a weighted blanket. This is a cool and thoughtful gift!

6. Toiletry Bag

This is a must for every man. I don't know how this hasn't bugged me to the death but Tooth still uses giant plastic bags for his toiletries when we travel. Haha! So this toiletry bag is a must-have gift for men. Easy way to stay organized while you travel! This personalized leather toiletry bag is another awesome gift idea.

7. Massage Gun

We got a massage gun a few years ago and still use it regularly! This is a great gift idea for truly anyone. Who would pass up a massage?!

8. Putting Green

This is the perfect holiday gift for any golf lover. We have several golf "toys" in our home because Tooth can't get enough haha. This putting green is fun in the basement when friends are over. And in the backyard when the weather allows. You can't go wrong getting any golf gifts for the golf lovers in your life. Haha.

9. Sunglasses

Ok, what guy doesn't want some aviators after Top Gun: Maverick?? These had to make my list for best gifts for men this year. This is a classic style of sunglasses that will last for years to come.

10. Vintage Portable Record Player

We got one a these vintage portable record players years and years ago and still love it. It's just beautiful sitting out as decor! This is a very cool gift for the man in your life. Don't forget to grab some records he'll love as well! Get some classics the entire family can enjoy like The Beatles.

11. Portable, Waterproof Speaker

Men always seem to be on the go. Whether golfing, doing work in the garage, or down in the basement getting a workout in, guys seem to go, go, go. This portable and waterproof speaker is the perfect holiday gift for men.

12. Mixology Bartender Kit + Ice Cube Molds

Who loves to entertain?! This mixology bartender kit is a wonderful (and beautiful) gift for the guy in your life who loves to entertain and mix drinks. This would look so pretty styled on a buffet table with some whiskey glasses. Another great gift idea is this ice cube mold set. These ice cube molds have been a hit at our house!

13. Portable Outdoor Pizza Oven

Ok, this thing is cool! I love the idea of having pizza family night out back. This portable outdoor pizza oven would be a fun holiday gift for any men who love to cook. Pair it with this turning peel to make for easy pizza baking!

14. North Face Jacket

This is an excellent gift. This North Face waterproof jacket has the best reviews and has a great fit! This high quality jacket will last for years to come.

15. Nespresso Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Machine

This is a wonderful gift idea for the coffee lover in your life. We got our Nespresso Vertuo Coffee and Espresso Machine last Christmas and we absolutely love it! I am a coffee snob now, haha. This coffee and espresso is excellent. This gift would be paired well with the Ember Temperature Smart Mug (see number 1).

16. Weight Bench + Weights

Several years ago we decided to start building up a little gym in our basement so I could workout at home while the kids were little. It was so hard to make it to the gym in those younger days! This has been one of the best purchases we've made. We now have a small gym at home and love it! We started with barbell weights and a weight bench. This is a wonderful gift for anyone who loves working out, lifting, or who doesn't have time to make it to the gym before or after work.

I've also heard wonderful things about fitness mirrors. We don't personally have one, but this is a great gift idea for someone who doesn't have enough space to create an entire gym in their home.

17. Ugg Slippers

These Ugg slippers are must-have for your holiday gifts for men. They are a huge hit! Tooth had a pair that he wore for over ten years! I just replaced them with a new pair last Christmas. They will last for years and are so comfy!

18. Ember Temperature Smart Mug

This Ember Temperature Smart Mug is the perfect gift for all coffee lovers! I know a few people who have this and love it. For anyone who sits at their desk sipping on coffee, this is a wonderful and thoughtful gift.

19. Wallet

Tooth is very particular about his wallets because he doesn't want them to be way too bulky! This wallet has rave reviews and is super slim. Gift your man a new wallet this year. This is an awesome stocking stuffer!

20. Hat Case

This hard hat case is a perfect gift for anyone who loves to travel with hats! Keep your hats from getting crunched while traveling (or store this in your car!) to keep your hats in peak condition.

21. Bleu de Chanel

Tooth has worn Bleu de Chanel for years and it never gets old! I absolutely love this cologne and it makes an excellent holiday gift for the man in your life.

There you have it! The top 21 items for the ultimate holiday gift guide for men. But just incase you want a few more ideas... Below are some additional items that I didn't want to leave out.

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Extra Gift Ideas:

1. Bible Study

Help your guy start his morning off on the right foot with this 5-minute Bible Study for Men is a wonderful gift. It's an quick, easy read to do daily each morning. Even on the busiest mornings, we can carve out 5 minutes for this! 

This daily devotional by men, for men is another one that has great reviews. I may be adding this to cart for Tooth. :)

2. Custom Gifts: Socks, Mug, and Notebook

I love giving custom gifts, they're so much fun! Custom socks with faces or dogs always brings a smile to their face. This customizable mug is so cute! Who wouldn't laugh at these fun gifts? This personalized notebook would be adorable with kids or dogs. Or you could do some really funny pictures as a gag gift. These gifts are always a hit around here!

3. Nugget Ice Machine

This nugget ice machine is an absolute favorite of ours! So funny how ice can just change your mood... But it totally does! Haha. It's the little things. If you have someone in your life that loves nugget ice, this is the ultimate gift! The entire family loves this thing. 10/10 recommend this as a holiday gift!

4. Bright Cellars Wine Subscription

This Bright Cellars wine subscription box is a wonderful gift for your wine-loving friends and family. Go to "give a gift" on their website and choose a subscription. Fun and easy gift to give! This gold wine rack and these beautiful wine glasses are a great addition to go with this wine subscription gift!

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Love, Stef

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