The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Teens

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Finding a perfect gift for teens is difficult! Easily the hardest person on the list. Haha. I've asked my favorite teenager to sit down with me and approve my gift guide for teens. Thanks, Teej! ;)

In this blog I will be going through 21 of the best gifts for teens, with a few extra bonus ideas at the end! This blog covers boy and girl holiday gift ideas for teens. But make sure you also check out The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for MenThe Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for WomenThe Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Boys, and The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Girls for lots of other excellent gift ideas

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The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Teens: 21 Awesome Ideas

1. Games

Games are a must for kids of all ages. This Hookey Wall Game and Basketball Beanbag Game are cool games for their room or in the basement where teens can hang together.

Some other go-to games for teens are Spikeball and Cards Against Humanity. These games are fun for teens and also fun for the family and make excellent gifts for teens.

2. Apple Watch

So many teens have an Apple Watch these days! I can't imagine High School with an Apple Watch. Haha. Game changer. This is an excellent gift idea if you know they've been wanting one.

3. Custom Neon Sign

Who doesn't love a Custom Neon Sign! This is such a fun gift for teenagers. I know I would have loved this. Actually, I want one now! Haha. Super fun and customizable gift idea.

4. Lock Puzzle

If you know a teen who needs or wants cash for any reason, this Lock Puzzle Gift is super fun! They have to figure out the code (you can give hints) to open the puzzle. They get the cash gift once they've unlocked the code! This Lock Puzzle reminds me of Escape Rooms, which teenagers love!

5. Devotionals

In the hustle of a teenagers life, these 5 minute devotionals are awesome! They can read these in the morning before they've started the day and take on life with a great perspective. Walk in Faith 5 Minute Devotional for Teen Boys and Live in Light 5 Minute Devotionals for Teen Girls are awesome gifts for teens this holiday season!

6. AirPods

AirPods are a great gift idea! Who wouldn't love to receive AirPods this Christmas? This is a great gift for anyone on your list.

7. Mini Pocket Projector

This Mini Pocket Projector is awesome! You can carry this (and use it) anywhere! This is a must-have on our list of gifts for teens.

8. Water Bottle

This Hydro Flask Water Bottle is a no brainer. Teens love this water bottle, it comes in many colors and makes a great gift for teens.

9. Patagonia + Luggage

Teens want cool gear to use when traveling! This Patagonia Duffel Bag is awesome. This Luxe Personalized Luggage is another awesome gift idea. And there is always a Suitcase 2-piece Set where you can't go wrong! These functional items make for excellent gifts that will be used over and over.

10. Apple Charging Station

This 3-in-1 Apple Charging Station is a perfect gift for teenagers. No need to keep track of all those tangled cords on the nightstand. This gift keeps things tidy and organized.

11. Portable Speaker

What teenager doesn't want an awesome speaker? This Waterproof, Portable Speaker is the perfect gift for teens to use in their rooms and easy to take on the go! It also comes in several color options.

12. Folding Wall Desk

This Folding Wall Desk is great for small spaces! You can use to study or as a vanity for girls. It has 2 USB ports! Comes in white and gold or soft grey color. You can fold up the desk when not in use for the smaller spaces. Or style it with art above the desk and a fun chair. This is a great gift idea if your teen is needing a space of their own to study and organize their school work.

13. Portable Bluetooth Keyboard

How fun is this Portable Bluetooth Keyboard! It comes in a variety of colors and is so cool. I actually want one of these! Haha. This Apple Magic Keyboard also has amazing review! This Color Backlit Keyboard is almost identical to the Apple Magic Keyboard but great price and comes in four different color options.

14. Custom Reel Viewer

This Custom Reel Viewer is an awesome gift idea for teens! Take some of their most memorable moments and put them into this cool gift. These unique gifts are sure to stand out!

15. Toiletry + Makeup Bag

A Personalized Toiletry Bag is a great gift idea and will be used for years to come! I also love this Leather Travel Pouch which you can add initials to as well.

For girls, this Leather Travel Set is beautiful and you can personalize with initials. This is a wonderful gift and can be used for toiletries, makeup or jewelry!

16. Slippers

There are so many fun slipper options! These Retro Smiley Face Slippers are a great gift and will put a smile on their face. Or feet. Get it? ;) These Slippers come in two color options and are at a great price point. And of course, theUggs are a favorite over here. Can't go wrong with this gift idea. Everyone loves slippers!

17. Paint by Numbers

I first saw a Paint by Numbers kit when I was with my niece. It was amazing! This Paint by Numbers kit is an excellent gift for any art-loving teen in your life. Pick their favorite photo and they can keep this special gift forever (and hang it on their wall!)

18. Wearable Blanket Hoodie

Ok, this Wearable Blanket Hoodie is just amazing. Haha. Who wouldn't want to wear this thing and watch a movie on the couch on a cold winter night! This Wearable Blanket Hoodie is a great gift idea for teens and comes in lots of color options.

19. Weighted Blanket

This Weighted Blanket is beautiful! It comes in so many colors, wow. And you can decide the weight you want blanket to be based on your body weight. Super cool! This is an awesome gift idea for anyone.

20. Drone

This Holy Stone Foldable Drone is an awesome gift idea. This isn't a wimpy drone for little kids. This Drone has great reviews and would be lots of fun this holiday season.

21. Bed Tray Table

Is your teen always losing things in their bed? This Bed Tray Table is perfect to help organize all the things. This is a great gift for anyone heading off the college as well! They can put this on their dorm bunk bed for a little extra space and organization.

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Extra Gifts Ideas:

1. Magnetic Pen

This is an unexpected and fun gift! This Magnetic Pen is a fun fidget toy as well as a pen (you can change the tips).

2. Fix it Kit

A portable collection of handy tools? This Fix it Kit is what every kid should have on hand. This is a great gift for teens to start building up their tool collection. Or this Starter Tool Set is another awesome gift idea for teens!

3. Car Seat Gap Organizer

This Car Seat Gap Organizer is an awesome gift idea for anyone! Stay organized with this great gift

4. Phone Gooseneck Mount

This Phone Gooseneck Mount is an awesome gift idea for a teen who wants be hands free while watching class or movies on their phone. This is a handy little device!

5. Personalized + Engraved Keychain

This Personalized and Engraved Keychain is a great gift idea for teens! Especially if they are newly driving (or about to start driving).

6. Lounger + Round Chair

How cool is Leather Modern Lounger! This is an awesome gift idea! I also love this Faux Fur Round Chair for girls. These lounger/chair ideas are awesome for extra seating wherever all the teens hangout. 

7. Personalized Robe

A robe is always a great gift idea! These Personalized Robes are amazing. A cozy sherpa robe? Yes, please! It comes in several color options as well. 

8. Metal Basketball Hoop

This Metal Basketball Hoop is fun for teens to hang in their rooms! This is a great gift idea for teens this holiday season. 

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Love, Stef

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