The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Girls

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Shopping for the family can be overwhelming when trying to think of fun, exciting gift ideas for all the people on your list. In this blog I will be recommending 21 gifts for girls so holiday shopping is a breeze!

A few of these holiday gifts have been gifted to Blakely over the years and she loves them! Others are new and exciting gift ideas. Whether you're shopping for your daughter, niece, cousin, or granddaughter, these holiday gift ideas will be sure put a smile on her face.

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The Ultimate Gift Guide for Girls: 21 Exciting Gift Ideas

1. Bike

Blakely is asking for a new bike this year and how stinkin' cute is this pink bike? The basket! All the heart eyes for this gift idea. But I'm sure Tooth (my husband) would prefer a mountain bike that she can grow into like this Huffy Stone Mountain Bike.

2. Piggy Bank

This Castle Piggy Bank is beautiful sitting out on a dresser! Collecting (and counting) your saved change as a kid is the best. :) This is a great gift idea for girls.

3. Baking Book + Apron

I know both my kids would love this Kids Baking Book. Kids love to help in the kitchen! This would be lots of fun and a great gift idea. And how cute is this Kids Apron? You can also personalize it! My kids were gifted Aprons many years ago and they still wear and love them!

4. Girls Bible, Goal Planner + Write the Word Journal

This Girls Goal Planner is adorable! Cultivate What Matters also has Write the Word Journals for kids. These are so darling and my kids love them! This Doodle Devotional for Girls is another great gift idea.

This Creative Bible is too advanced for Blakely, but we could read it together and she can grow into it. I think she'd love the coloring inside as well! You can read more about my Bible Study Essentials here.

5. Crafts

My kids love crafts! Blakely would love this Rainbow Sandland craft. She would also love these Glitter Dots! This 3D Doodler has been a lot of fun. Ryder was actually gifted this 3D Doodler a couple years ago and both kids have loved it. These make your own Gem Keychains look so cute. And finally, this Light up Tracing Pad looks awesome and has great reviews.

These are say and fun gift ideas for girls. They are also fun activities to have on hand when you're on Christmas break and home together.

6. Cameras

Ok, there are two cameras we have and the kids both love! This Shockproof Camera is a win for kids of all ages because you don't have to worry about it breaking! My kids have also had Polaroid Cameras and those are a blast. Instant gratification because the pictures print out right then and there. Don't forget the film! And I also recommend these clear Polaroid Camera Cases to protect the camera.

Both these cameras have been a hit and are excellent holiday gift ideas.

7. Nightlight

This Star Projector Nightlight is so much fun! I would have loved this as a kid. This is a special way to light up the room and a great gift idea. This Projectable Disney Princess Nightlight is also a win! And of course, you could always get a Personalized Nightlight.

8. Karaoke Machine

We have a Karaoke Machine and it's a big hit around here. All the kids love it and love doing performances together. Haha. Lots of funny home videos. ;) This Karaoke Machine is small enough for the kids to move around and easily connects to blue tooth so they can sing and dance to any song their heart desires!

9. American Girl Doll

The American Girl Doll is a classic gift! What's awesome about American Girl Dolls and Our Generation Dolls is they all fit the same accessories. So you can mix and match and it all goes together between brands. We have several sets from Our Generation Doll collection like this Ice Cream Truck.

This year, Blakely is asking for the bunk bed! Haha. So cute. And of course, strollers are a must. We have a couple strollers but Blakely is asking for a new one because she wants a twin stroller. Adorable gift ideas!

10. Scooter

A scooter is a must for kids these days and a great gift idea. These are so easy to grab and ride! And I love the color options available with this Maxi Deluxe brand.

Blakely has shown interest in this Razor Scooter but I'm not sure she's ready for this! An adorable gift idea though once they're old enough to handle it.

holiday gift guide for girls

11. Suitcase

Blakely needs an upgrade from her toddler suitcase and I think she'd love this color suitcase! I have the same brand for my suitcase (shop my suitcase here) and I've really liked it.

You could also gift some packing cubes to stay organized while traveling. My kids would love these!

12. Jewelry Box

This white Jewelry Box is beautiful! But if your daughter is anything like mine, she would love this Musical Unicorn Jewelry Box even more. Haha. A beautiful Jewelry Box is always a great gift idea for girls.

13. Art Set

The kids have had several art kits over the years but this Art Kit for Painting and Drawing has been their favorite by far! It's also lasted them for years. This is a must-have holiday gift idea for any kiddo who loves art!

14. Mercedes

This Mercedes has been a hit for my kids! Blakely was gifted this Mercedes a couple years ago and she's put some miles on this thing in the cul-de-sac. Haha! It's been one of her favorite gifts. The double seater is especially fun with friends.

Ryder was given a Jeep as a gift over 6 years ago and the kids still use it! These cars are SO much fun for kids. I know I would have done anything for one when I was younger. Haha.

15. Bracelet Kit

This adorable Bracelet Kit is so fun for all ages! My kids love margin jewelry and bracelets together. A perfect snowy day activity! This is a great holiday gift and fun for the family.

16. Play Tent/Playhouse

This Play Tent/Playhouse is adorable! I know my kids would love this thing. It is large enough for 2+ kids to be inside and has 3 windows! This Play Tent is easy to set up and requires no tools. This is a wonderful holiday gift.

I also love this classic Teepee Tent. It is smaller and also be set up easily! My kids have a Teepee tent in each of their rooms. When not in use, they store easily in their closets.

17. Quilted Puffer Jacket

This Quilted Puffer Jacket matches mine! I have the exact same jacket in Womens sizing. How cute is this twinning jacket? Would make a fun gift. (Click here: The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Women to see the women's Quilted Puffer Jacket.)

18. LOL Dolls

Blakely has a friend who has a ton of LOL Dolls and the LOL Dollhouse and Blakely still talks about it! Haha. This is a great gift idea for girls. Bundle up some LOL Dolls with the Dollhouse and it's a win!

19. Yoto Mini

This Yoto Mini Audio & Music Player was given to my kids for their birthdays and they LOVE it! The Yoto truly has been so much fun. You can listen to stories (you buy cards for the Yoto) and you can even download your own music to "create your own" cards. It's a blast for the kids. This is an excellent holiday gift for anyone who loves stories and music! This travel case is a great way to store your player and cards.

20. Toy Kitchen

This Kitchen Playset is adorable! I honestly don't think we will ever get rid of our toy kitchen. Just so many memories with our growing kids and that play kitchen! Our exact play kitchen is a tad smaller. Great option if you don't have lots of space. But if I were to do it all over again, I would get this Toy Kitchen. It is a must-have gift idea for all kids. They can use this for years!

21. Gymnastics Mat + Bar

This Gymnastics Training Bar is perfect for any girl who loves gymnastics! I'd also buy this mat to go with the Gymnastics Training Bar. Blakely got this Inflatable Air Training Mat last year and the kids love it. She's not a gymnast, but the kids still love this thing. I always ask them if I can put it away (it stores easily) but they never want me to pack it up. Haha.

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Be sure to check out The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Boys! Lots of gifts on that list would work for girls, too! 

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Love, Stef

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