The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Boys

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In case you feel like you can't think of a thing to get your son, nephew or cousin, don't fret! In this blog I will be going through 21 gift ideas for boys to make shopping this holiday season a breeze.

This holiday gift guide for boys has lots of creative and unique gift ideas so I hope you find something perfect. Be sure to check out The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Girls! Lots of gifts on that list would work for boys, too!

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The Ultimate Gift Guide for Boys: 21 Cool Gift Ideas

1. Games

We have so many games we've collected over the years but there are for sure some favorites! I especially love the games the kids can play on their own when they are "bored". Rush Hour is one of our favorite games and a great gift idea! It's a game the kids can play on their own and even Tooth and I love Rush Hour! Haha. It's addictive. Another favorite is Kanoodle. Rush Hour and Kanoodle are easy to pack when traveling.

Another quick and easy game for the kids (the can play this together without help) is Mancala. I've always loved this game! And we can't Trouble. These classic games are wonderful gifts for kids.

A game I plan to get this year is Gravity Maze. I've wanted to try this game for several years! It always pops up when I search games for kids and has excellent reviews!

2. Drone

Drones are the new cool thing. We've had a couple cheap drones over the years but this Mini Drone with Camera and Remote Control looks super cool and has great reviews! I know Ryder would love this gift idea and it can be fun for the whole family.

3. Waterproof Action Camera

Waterproof cameras are so much fun and a great gift idea for kids! Whether you're in the pool, on vacation, or mountain biking, this camera can capture all the adventurous moments! This Waterproof Kids Camera was a birthday gift for Blakely this year and she loved it! This kids all took turns taking pictures under water at the pool. It was really fun!

If you're wanting a camera that is a little less "kiddie" then this Vemont Action Camera looks awesome! This Ultra HD Underwater Camera also has great reviews and would be an excellent gift for boys.

4. Mountain Bike

If you're looking for a bike for a gift this year, the Huffy Kids Mountain Bike has great reviews and comes in several colors. Getting a new bike as a kid is so exciting. This Huffy Kids Mountain Bike has six speeds and is sure to put a smile on his face.

5. Action Bible, Devotional Doodles + Write the Word Journal

We have several bibles but The Action Bible one is Ryders absolute favorite! It's an easy read with loads of fun pictures. My kids also have these Write the Word Journals and love them. Also, this Devotional Doodle Journal for Kids looks like something my kids would also love.

You can read all about my Bible Study Essentials HERE. These journals, devotionals and bibles are great gift ideas for boys!

6. Lego Set/Buildable toys

Ryder loves to build things! I am always shocked at how quickly he can put things together. He usually gets a Lego Set or some sort of buildable toy as a Christmas gift. This Remote Control Racing Car Building Blocks gift is so fun! You can build the remote control car two different ways.

Another gift option is this Construction Model Kit. There is also a Model Aircraft option! How cool is this 12-in-1 Solar Robot Kit! Yep, you can build it 12 different ways.

When it comes to Legos, options are endless. We've had so many Lego Sets over the years! This Star Wars Darth Vader Helmet was a hit last year! We thought he'd need help putting this thing together because it says 18+ but nope. He proudly came up from the basement with it completely made all by himself! A couple more Lego gift ideas for boys is this Monster Jam Grave Digger and the 3-in-1 Majestic Tiger.

7. North Face Backpack

An awesome backpack is always a great gift idea for boys. This North Face Recon Backpack is a wonderful gift! This backpack is sure to last for years and years and comes in several color options.

8. Electric Car

Ryder got a Battery Powered Electric Car when he was three years old and he still drives it! These Electric Cars are seriously the coolest thing. I highly recommend getting a two seater for more space. This gift is a must-have for us. Our kids absolutely love their Electric Cars and use them year round.

9. Wall Racer + LAEGENDARY Remote Control Car

What boy doesn't love a remote control car? And this LAegendary Remote Control Car can reach up to 30+ MPH! It is also waterproof which is amazing. Another fun option is this Laser-Guided Wall Climbing Race Car that can literally climb up the wall! These fun remote control cars are great gifts ideas for boys.

10. Popcorn Machine

Ryder loves popcorn! Haha. I originally got this Popcorn Machine as a gift for Tooth (my hubby) for his birthday during Covid. Tooth loves going to the movie theatre and I set up the basement like a movie theatre experience for him since theaters were closed. This Popcorn Machine has latest years and is used regularly in our home! We have movie nights with the kids. This countertop machine is the perfect gift for movie lovers. Don't forget these Popcorn Buckets!

(Can we just take a moment for the Ryder throwback? Baby teeth and all circa 2018. Still one of my favorite Christmas pics of him.)

Gift Guide for Boys

11. Game Table

How cool is this Game Table! If you have room for this in your basement for kids, I'd do it! I know this would be a hit in our home. This is a 10-in-1 Combo Game Table and would provide lots of fun for hours! I love this gift idea.

12. Warmies

This microwavable Lavender Scented Shark Warmie is a great gift. These "warmies" provide comfort and warmth at bedtime for kids of all ages and the lavender scent is soothing and calming. Both kids have a Warmie and they love them!

13. Custom Reel Viewer

This Custom Reel Viewer is the coolest gift idea! This is a cool gift for any age. I know Ryder would love this gift. I'm a sucker for these custom gift ideas because it always makes it extra special.

14. Magnetic Chess Set

We all started to learn Chess last year with this No Stress Chess game. But this summer Ryder got this Magnetic Chess Set as a birthday gift and it really is so cool. It's a legit chess set that has storage for all the pieces. The kids play with this all the time!

15. Basketball Hoop

Ryder really wanted an Over the Door Basetball Hoop this year and he loves this thing. He spends a lot of time shooting on this over the door basketball hoop! This is loads of fun for any sport loving boy. You could also gift these NBC Basketball Gift Box and Collection Cards with the hoop.

16. Rubiks Cube Set + Shape Shifter

This Rubiks Cube Set was gifted to Ryder last year and he loved it! He actually still plays with these all the time. This is a fun gift idea and the funky shapes are extra challenging.

This Shape Shifter fidget toy was at the top of Ryders wish list last year. Now Blakely wants one! Haha. Shape Shifter is a fun toy for kids and great for long car rides, etc.

17. Airfort

We have had this AirFort for YEARS and it's still in mint condition and the kids still play with it! This is an excellent gift idea for all kids. It now comes in several colors to choose from and you can store easily. It's a must-have for my gift guide because it's truly the best gift! All you need is a box fan and BAM you have an awesome (Air)Fort to play in for hours.

18. Nintendo Switch

A Nintendo Switch is a game and gift that can be fun for the family! There are 3 Play Styles: TV Mode, Tabletop Mode, Handheld Mode. This is a great option for traveling with kids, too.

19. Art Set

This 85-piece Art Set is a wonderful gift. This Art Set is in a nice wooden portable case and looks pretty sitting out on top of a desk. Ryder also has this 29-piece Sketching and Drawing Art Tool Kit and has loved storing his pencils in it. Every art-loving kid will feel like a professional artist with these beautiful sets!

20. Dirt Bike

This Razor Dirt Rocket Motorcycle is the coolest gift! Ryder has had this one as well as THIS slightly larger one. Both have been awesome and is a great gift idea for boys! (Don't forget the helmet!)

21. Crazy Cart

This Crazy Cart is a unique new toy any boy would love! The boys all take turns playing with this thing out front. If you're looking for something different than a bike or scooter, this Crazy Cart is a fun gift option that is sure to entertain all the boys

gifts for boys

Be sure to check out The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Girls! Lots of gifts on that list would work for boys, too!

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