11 Creative Elf on the Shelf Ideas

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I have to admit I love Elf on the Shelf. Haha. Can it be exhausting? Yeah. But do the kids absolutely eat it up? Yep! Our daily hunt to find Rudy and Snowflake (yes, we have two!) bring so much joy to our mornings and holiday season in general.

I love having some creative Elf on the Shelf ideas up my sleeve. But of course most mornings are simple. I love easy Elf on the Shelf ideas, too! I tend to save the "bigger" Elf moments for more significant days like the day they first arrive from the North Pole. Our Elf on the Shelf characters also gift little things throughout the holiday season. Last year they gave the kids tickets to Zoo Lights. That was a blast!

In this blog I'll be sharing 11 Creative Elf on the Shelf Ideas. These ideas are simple! You just need to plan ahead and have time to set up once the kids are tucked into bed. 

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11 Creative Elf on the Shelf Ideas:

1. Balloon Garland

A festive balloon garland is a simple way to add some colorful, holiday fun! Balloons always add fun to the occasion. All you need are some balloons (and this amazing electric pump) and it's as simple as that! I also recommend this Elf Flex so you can easily manipulate your Elf on the Shelf so they stay in place!

2. Baby Elf

A couple years ago I got this adorable baby Elf and the kids were really into it! It is darling! You can get different colors and accessories. They formally adopt the baby Elf on the Shelf! They get to name the baby and help take care of the baby. It sounds so extra but it's truly adorable! And this crib! How cuuute.

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3. Special Entry Magical Elf Door

This Special Entry Magical Elf Door has been a huge hit! It's a magical door for the Elves to fly in and out of each night. It really is the cutest Elf decor. If you have all girls, this pink door is adorable! Elf on the Shelf must-have for me. 

4. Sleigh 

I have used a sleigh for several years and the kids always talk about this one. The sleigh is large enough for then both Elves to sit in. I usually add some fake snow around the sleigh and it's so cute! This is a really easy set up and so cute. They have been in this sleigh on their last night with us the last few years and the kids love talking about how they're going to fly home in it. So cute watching their imagination run! :)

5. Elf on the Shelf Matching Game

I plan to get this Elf on the Shelf matching game for the kids this year! This would be a fun gift from the Elves at the beginning of December. My kids love matching games! 

6. Sleeping Bag

I have two sleeping bags for our Elves, Rudy and Snowflake. I set these out the same day the kids were planning to have a sleepover in my room in their own sleeping bags! They love when the elves are doing the same activities as our family. So fun having a sleepover with your Elf on the Shelf!

7. Popcorn Costume

My son, Ryder, lovessss popcorn. Haha. We have a mini popcorn machine in our basement and I plan to put the Elves in this popcorn costume and put them inside the popcorn machine! Haha. 

8. Airplane

This airplane ride is a fun way to have your Elf on the Shelf arrive! You could have from the ceiling, the chandelier, or even in the Christmas tree! 

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9. Elf on the Shelf Bike

Ok, I have to have this Elf on the Shelf Bike! This is adorable! I already know my kids will eat this up, haha. 

10. Elf Bucks Coffee Shop

I mean... come on! This Elf Bucks Coffee Shop is maybe the most adorable thing ever. I will absolutely be doing this Elf on the Shelf idea! There is also an Elf-Fil-A shop you can get. This is so cute and will definitely put a smile on the kids face. I can hear the belly laughs already. ;)

11. Movie Night

This Movie Night is the cutest idea! You can chose the movie you want it to be and it comes with popcorn and candy for an official Elf on the Shelf Movie Night. My kids would love this. 

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Some other fun things our Elves do each year:

1. Official Elf Report

These Official Elf Reports are so fun for the kids to receive. They love getting little notes from the Elves!

2. Outfits

Our Elf on the Shelf outfits change from time to time. We only have a couple outfits per Elf, but the kids love when they have on a new outfit! Haha. The ugly Christmas sweaters are always fun. Rudy's typical look is this Jingle Bells Rock hoodie. And Snowflake wears a darling tutu ballerina dress!

3. Advent Calendars

On December 1st our Elves have our Advent Calendars completely stocked! These adorable Advent Calendars have been the absolute best! They are filled with little goodies and a tradition I hope continues until the kids are old and grown. You can read all about our Advent Calendars HERE. 

4. Custom Mugs + Hot Chocolate 

These custom mugs is a fun gift from the Elves they can keep and use year after year. We always have a hot chocolate bar set up over the holidays and we love making chocolate on cold winter nights. The elves have wrapped up cute hot chocolate bombs before. It's a cute and easy gift!

Of course you can always buy an Elf on the Shelf kit! These Elf on the Shelf kits makes things so easy because they come with 24 ideas ready to go. You can pick and choose which activities you'd like to do. The Elves don't have to do crazy, amazing things every single day! It's all just extra holiday fun. 

And don't forget your Reindeer Food! This is a cute tradition where we put this out on our driveway and up ur front door just to make sure the reindeer can find our house. :)

I hope this list of 11 Creative Elf on the Shelf Ideas was helpful! Most of these ideas are quick and easy. Wishing you all a wonderful holiday!

You can read about our Christmas Advent Calendars here: 24 Fun Christmas Advent Calendar Fillers

Love, Stef

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