The Ultimate Holiday Gift Guide for Teachers

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Who else has a hard time thinking of great gifts for teachers? My best friend is a middle school teacher and I picked her brain to get some awesome ideas for teacher gifts

In this blog I will be sharing 21 thoughtful ideas and holiday gift guide for teachers so you can plan ahead and spoil those amazing teachers with wonderful gifts they'll love. 

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The Ultimate Gift Guide for Teachers: 21 Thoughtful Gift Ideas

1. Bookends

Bookends are a great gift idea for teachers. This is a unique gift they can use in their classroom, on their desk or even at their home. These Geode Bookends are so beautiful! I also love these Gold Globe Bookends which is a cute idea for teachers.

2. Ember Coffe

This Ember Temperature Smart Mug is the perfect gift for all coffee lovers! I know a few people who have this and love it. For anyone who sits at their desk sipping on coffee, this is a wonderful and thoughtful gift.

3. Essential Oil Diffuser

This Glass Essential Oil Diffuser is an awesome gift idea for anyone who loves their essentials oils. I really love the unique look of this Glass Diffuser. And I especially love essential oils in the fall and winter!

You can read all about my favorite Essential Oil Blends HERE

4. Mini Fridge

Ok, how cool is this Mini Fridge! This Mini Fridge is the coolest gift idea for any teacher who loves to keep chilled drinks on hand. This can hold up to 6 cans or they can store their snacks/lunch in here.

5. Jewelry Travel Case

This customizable travel jewelry case is adorable. I love the color options and size for travel. This is a beautiful and thoughtful gift for any jewelry loving teacher!

6. Name Block

This Engraved Name Block is a wonderful gift idea for teachers. I also love this Custom Desk Name Plate for the teachers desk. 

7. Ornaments

Who doesn't love a new ornament? These Customized Pencil Ornament are a darling gift idea. I also love this Personalized Ornament with the paper lines on it. So fun!

8. Stanley Big Grip 40o

These Stanley Big Grips are hard to keep on the shelves! They're selling out like crazy and I know several people who have multiple colors. Haha. But I have to say, I do love my Stanley and take it everywhere. Multiple color options here! This is a great gift idea for all the people on your list

9. Cosmetics Bag

This Personalized Cosmetics Bag is a great gift idea for teachers. This Personalized Bag can be used for cosmetics or for pens/pencils. I know I love keeping all my pens and pencils together in one spot! I actually have this same bag and use it when I travel for toiletries. 

10. Classroom Sign

These Personalized Classroom Signs are such great gifts! I also love this Personalized Teacher Door Hanger as a gift.

11. Mini Heater

Sometimes classrooms get cold! Blakely's classroom is so chilly this year so this Mini Heater could be just the thing a teacher needs when sitting at her desk. This is an unexpected and awesome gift idea

12. Personalized Notepad

Who doesn't love a Personalized Notepad! These are great gifts for teachers. I'm a sucker for anything personalized. These Personalized Teacher Notes are adorable.

13. Personalized Tote

Ok, this Personalized Tote is so good! Teachers are always carrying lots of things in and out of school. So an additional tote will always be put to use. This Custom Embroidered Tote is an awesome gift idea for teachers

14. Stamps

I love this gift idea! This Personalized Teacher "like" Stamp is an awesome gift. Other stamp ideas are this Personalized "bee-utiful work" Stamp or this Custom Teacher Stamp. All of these ideas are great gifts!

15. Starbucks Cups

You've probably seen me post about these Personalized Starbucks Cups 100 times! Haha. We love these at our house and they make awesome gifts! You can customize these any way you'd like! You can see the cups we gave teachers as gifts at the beginning of the year here

16. Coasters

Coasters are a great gift idea for teachers. These can be used on their desks at school or used at home! I've gifted these Initial coasters before and I love the customization. I also love these Personalized Octagon Marble Coasters. Or you can get these beautiful Gold Edge Coasters.

17. Get to Know You Cards

These Get to Know You Cards would be so fun for the classroom! This is a fun and interactive gift for teachers. My kids love conversation cards like these!

18. Lifetime Flowers

I have yet to receive or gift these Lifetime Flowers but think this is the coolest! The thought of flowers lasting over a year? Wow. I'm in. Haha. This is a great holiday gift to give teachers for their desk or home. 

19. Keychain

Keychains are always fun! These personalized keychains HERE: Personalized Teacher Keychain, HERE:  Personalized Beaded Keychain, or HERE: Apple Keychain are all great gifts for teachers

20. Bath Bombs

These Pencil Bath Bombs are so adorable and make a great gift! I've gifted these before and they were a hit. You could give one or package up a few to give as a gift.

21. Candles

Candles are always a good idea. This "You're the Best" Candle would work as gift in so many situations. And I love the Worlds Best Teacher Candle. A nice gift to have sitting out on their desk!

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The Teacher Gift Tags used in photo are from Whimsical Darling and Vonn Lou Designs

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Love, Stef

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