9 Ideas for Thanksgiving Gift Basket for Kids

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This year I decided to surprise the kids with fall themed gift baskets for the month of November. I thought it would be fun to give Thanksgiving themed gifts in a Thanksgiving gift basket for kids to be used over the holiday.

In this blog I will be sharing 9 ideas for Thanksgiving gift baskets for kids. These holiday gift baskets are filled with interactive books, games and toys that will be fun for the kids over their holiday break, after they've eaten a wonderful Thanksgiving meal with the family. And if you're on a road trip, these will be fun and entertaining for hours in the car! (You can see some of our Road Trip Essentials HERE.)

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9 Ideas for Thanksgiving Gift Baskets for Kids:

1. Blanket

Thanksgiving themed blankets were a hit. My kids love holiday themed blankets. They get packed away with all the holiday decor and it's so exciting to bust them out each year!

2. Pajamas

These S'more pajamas are so fun! My kids love s'mores and loved these jammies. :) This is a great addition to any Thanksgiving gift basket.

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3. Holiday Books

This year Ryder got a Would You Rather Thanksgiving themed book in his Thanksgiving Basket. Blakely got this I am Thankful book. These books are fun to read each year over the holidays. 

4. Pumpkin Spice Hot Chocolate Bomb

The kids got pumpkin spice hot cocoa bombs. These look so yummy and are perfect for the fall! You can see our Christmas Hot Chocolate Bar HERE.

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5. Pumpkin Peeps

These pumpkin peeps are so cute! These will go perfectly with the pumpkin spice hot cocoa bombs. And how cute are these personalized Thanksgiving mugs?! A fun Thanksgiving mug is another great option for Thanksgiving gifts for kids

6. Doodle Pad

These doodle pads always entertain my kids. Especially if we are on the go. A perfect gift if you plan on being in the car for a while and the kids need to entertain themselves. Epic tic-tac-toe games on these babies! ;)

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7. Thanksgiving Themed Candy

Of course the Thanksgiving themed candy is always fun. How cute are these chocolate turkeys?! 

8. 30 Days of Thanksgiving Cards

These printable 30 Days of Thanksgiving cards are awesome! We have been reading these as a family at the dinner table. It's truly been so fun hearing the kids answers to these conversation cards. I highly recommend these! You can print and use anytime. Doesn't have to be just for the month of November. 

I hole-punched the cards and string them together with some gold star tinsel. This is my favorite item in the Thanksgiving baskets!

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9. Homemade Scented Play Dough Kits

Ok, THESE. All the hart eyes. My sweet friend Savannah owns this shoppe! I got the Unicorn kit for Blakely and the Dragon kit for Ryder. Once my kids are finished opening their Thanksgiving Baskets, they immediately opened these and started playing. They loved them! They are truly the cutest. These also make great holiday gifts for the kids in your life. 

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1. Pillows

Adding a "thankful" pillow is a cozy touch. You could also add these pillows to the kids beds if you decorate their rooms for Thanksgiving or fall. 

2. Balloon Garland

This was a fun surprise for the kids! I don't think I've ever done a balloon garland over their art table before. (This table is the kids art table and it's used for homework, crafts, etc.) You can shop the table HERE and the acrylic chairs HERE

3. Backdrop

For backdrops I love Glam Fete! They really make a statement. I love these and have 3 in different colors now! Haha. In this Thanksgiving Gift Basket set up, I used a banner from Hunny Prints

This metallic tinsel fringe backdrop is also an easy and fun backdrop. I've used this as a backdrop for our NYE table before. It's festive!

4. Printable Flags

These printable Thanksgiving flags are so cute. These are fun to use anywhere! 

5. Acrylic Name Tag

These acrylic name tags come in several colors and are so beautiful in person! They are great gift/name tags and would look so pretty hanging from Christmas stockings by the fire place!

6. Kids T-Shirt and Sweatshirt

Blakely's "hey pumpkin" sweatshirt is the cutest. She hasn't taken it off since I gave it to her! Haha. And Ryder's "family and football" tee was perfect for him. His two greatest loves. ;)

And of course, don't forget the disco balls

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Love, Stef

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