Valentine's Day Gift Ideas for Kids

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I love giving my kids gift baskets filled with goodies for Valentine's Day. My kids love getting these fun baskets and are now asking for specific things to be in their baskets. Haha. It's so much celebrating the holidays with them!

In this blog I will be sharing 16 different ideas to fill kids Valentine's gift baskets with. This list also includes some fun tee's and clothing, which is always a hit. I also love to set up a fun Valentine's Day table for them over the holidays. You can see a blog all about that HERE

valentines day gifts for kids

16 Valentine's Day Gift Basket Filler Ideas for Kids:

1. 6. 9. Valentine's Day Garland

I have collected so many different Valentine's Day garlands over the years! So naturally, it was hard for me to pick just one to mention! Haha. I got this one (#1) from Amazon this year and it's so cute. I also love (#6) this gold heart garland. I love to layer the garland and like different colors and textures to add interest. I also love (#9) this colorful garland

2. Camera

These kid-friendly and shock-proof cameras are so much fun! We've had a couple different ones over the years and they are always a hit! I have to admit I have never even downloaded the pics they take! Haha. But the kids love walking around being little photographers. I love their creative little hearts so much. 

3. Heart Sunglasses

These are so adorable! I also love this style and have a matching pair for myself! I tend to reach for these fun shades over the holidays. I love my red paid for 4th of July!

4. Valentine's Day Mugs

These mugs are so cute! I love fun holiday themed mugs for all the holidays. They are a fun way to start the morning. My kids love drinking their morning shakes and/or smoothies in their special mugs.

5. Dresses

I love this specific dress and we've had several different colors of this dress in alllll the sizes over the years. It's been a hit in our house, for sure! I also love this dress and we've had it in a couple colors as well. 

7. Pink and Red Bows

Having holiday themed bows is so festive! These are also adorable to clip on the side of gift baskets. You could clip the bow and hang the heart sunnies off the side of the gift basket.

8. Balloon Garland

I love a balloon garland! These are fun to decorate the kitchen with on Valentine's Day. Or if you're setting up a kids table, I love adding these there for an extra festive look! You can see how I style balloons above their decorated table HERE. (Different holiday, but you get the idea!)

10. Jelly Basket

I have several different sizes, colors and styles of baskets. These jelly baskets are so cute! I love that you can get them in so many color options. I also love white wire baskets because they work for all seasons and holidays.

11. Valentines' Day Socks

Valentine themed socks are fun! The kids always love their festive holiday socks! Since the kids feet are getting bigger (why do they have to grow so fast??) I often get them women's socks and then they fit a little better.

12. Shirt

I got this adorable shirt in pink this year for Blakely. I just loved this shirt when I saw it! 

13. Pennant Flag Printables 

These holiday pennant printables are always fun to add to gift baskets for Valentine's Day. I print these off at Kinkos on cardstock and add some fun, colorful ribbon!

14. Valentine's Day Books

Holiday themed books are a go-to gift basket filler for me. We read a lot of books before bed. Ryder has our "library" (aka the bookshelf) in his room and we love adding to our collection! I got this book for Blakely's Valentine basket this year. And Ryder recently finished the first book in The Wild Robot series and has asked for the next book, so that's what he's getting in his basket this year. He said this is his favorite book ever! :)

15. 16. Valentine's Day Shirts and Sweatshirts

I got this sweatshirt for Blakely this year, and this one for Ryder. There are so many adorable tees on Etsy for Valentine's Day! It's honestly so hard for me to pick because they are so fun. I let the kids pick their sweatshirts this year.

valentines day gift baskets for kids


1. Name Tags

I have a couple different names tags. The one seen above is HERE. I also use these names tags and you can do so many different color options when ordering these!

2. Gold Crinkle Paper

This gold crinkle paper is used inside these Valentine gift baskets to add a layer to bottom of the basket so the gifts can stick up out of the top. I always have this gold crinkle paper on hand!

Love, Stef

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