Adorable Valentines Day Table Decor for Kids

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This year's Valentines Day decorations at the kids art table was so much fun. I really love that the kids have this space that is their own. Whether they're coloring, doing homework, or building legos, this space is just for them. 

valentines day kids basket

I love to gift the kids fun shirts or clothing items for Valentines Day. Sometimes I gift them pajamas in their Valentines Day kids baskets, but this year I gave them fun outfits ahead of time. (Linking several options at bottom of this blog!)

I made this fun "candy heart" themed garland for above their Valentines Day table. I have been in a crafty/DIY mood lately because I also made the "love" sign on the picture frame. :) Haha. I go in and out of feeling crafty. But I love how both garland items for Valentines Day turned out. 

valentines day gifts
valentines basket ideas for kids

I kept the Valentines Day decorations on the table simple so they still have room to sit and use their art table. I loved adding this floral garland, it's so pretty. And of course, I had to add disco balls, too! 

These adorable heart-shaped Valentines Day kids baskets are so cute. I made their name garland out of paper (instead of felt) because it's was easier and quicker. I always have different baskets on hand to use, depending on the holiday and on the size of the gifts they are receiving. 

valentines day

Inside the kids Valentines Day gift baskets are socks, straws, mini notebooks, pens, snap bracelets, poppers, headbands, and some other fun little gifts. (All these items and more linked below.) I always use this filler to fill up the bottom of the baskets so the cute items stick up out of the baskets. 

valentines day decorations
valentines day table decor

I also like to add fun Valentines Day pillows to their chairs (kids art table chairs HERE and table HERE). This is a fun pop of color! There are so many cute options for Valentines Day pillows HERE, HERE, and HERE.  

valentines day kids party

Love, Stef

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