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Who else loves playing with makeup? I have loved makeup and experimenting with different makeup looks since I was a little girl. But here's the thing... I always reach for the same favorite makeup products over and over. I've tried so many different brands of makeup and these are the ones that have stuck around over the years. 

In this blog I will go over eleven everyday makeup essentials every girl should know about! I always have these favorite makeup products on hand and most of them are used daily. All of these makeup favorites have been purchased over and over again. They never do me wrong. 

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11 Everyday Makeup Essentials:

1. Primer

Primer smooths out the appearance of skin before you put on your foundation or CC cream. It also can help makeup stay in place longer, which is always a win. This is my go-to primer. I have used this for years and love it. I have also heard wonderful things about this primer. I will be ordering this next to see if it lives up to the hype! 

2. CC Cream

This one might be my absolute must-have on the entire list of best makeup products! I have been using this for years as well. I have tried to go back to other brands, but always gravitate back to this one! I love the coverage and that it has sunscreen in the makeup. 

3. Bronzer

Bronzer is an absolute makeup essential. I love this Nars bronzer because it stays put for hours. I personally love the color 'Laguna'. It's a shimmery bronzer, leaving you with a sun-kissed glow. I also love this bronzer! 

4. Blush

Sticking with Nars here. I use the color 'Orgasm' and love the lighter pink to brighten up those cheeks! Again, I love the wear of this product. 

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5. Highlighter and Contour

I use this Laura Geller Illuminating Color-Corrector as a highlighter. I love that it is light and not overly shimmery and white. It's subtle and so pretty. I also love my highlight and contour palettes. All these products are linked at the bottom of this blog for easy shopping. These palettes are a part of best makeup products fo-sho. 

6. Brows

There are several products I love and use for my brows! I love this brush to use with this brow powder. I also love this brow pencil and this brow styling wax. I think this brow styling wax has made a big difference in overall appearance of brows! Great makeup to help shape eyebrows is an important makeup essential


I have many, may eyeshadow palettes. But my go-to eyeshadow palette is this one I love it. You can make these colors so subtle and natural, or you can build them and create a much darker, smokey eye when desired. I also love this palette. I use both and have for years! This is my go-to eyeshadow brush.

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8. Eyeliner

This eyeliner has been a favorite and stays put! It doesn't fad or move. It stay put once it's applied and you can create the most amazing lines with this!

9. Mascara and Lash Strips

I love this mascara and use these lash strips when needed. I always have lash strips on hand!

10. Lip Liner, Lipstick and Lip Gloss

I could write an entire blog about just lips! Haha. I absolutely love lipstick, lip gloss, and allll things lips. But my favorite matte liquid lipstick is here. I also love this brand and you can't beat that price! My favorite daily lipgloss is NYX and Kylie. I have used so many lupines and I generally gravitate to this lip liner because of cost and so many color options. I love and appreciate affordable makeup products!

11. Makeup Brushes

I love this brush set and have used it for years. I also love the price point! I really only use about 6 of these brushes but love the traveling set.

best beauty products

Here are a few other items I love and use frequently:

best beauty products

You can shop these makeup essentials by clicking on the image. Click arrows on either side to scroll.

Love, Stef

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