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Tooth is FIFTY! This blog will go over all the deets about our birthday party in Nashville for Tooth. I can't believe this is our 15th year celebrating birthdays together. What a wonderful time we had in Nashville. :) Truly the best trip!

Nashville birthday party

Tooth and I went to Nashville two years ago and fell in love. Tim's family lives outside of Nashville, but that was the first time we did the downtown Broadway experience. It was such a blast! Tooth kept saying that he wanted to come back for his 50th with friends. 

Fast forward two years and... we did it! This trip will absolutely go down in history for us. Haha! It was SO much fun! We weren't sure how many people were going to be able to show up for the fun. Life is busy with kids, jobs, sports, all the things. We are so grateful for people taking time out of their lives to come celebrate with us! Memories frozen in time. 

Alright, BUCKLE UP because this is a long blog filled with all the details about our trip!

To start, we stay at the JW Marriott in downtown Nashville. We were so impressed with this hotel! Everything was pure luxury. The decor is gorgeous and the food is incredible. I surprised Tim with a suite and it did not disappoint. It was beautiful! The kids were with us and were so impressed - haha. 

Nashville birthday weekend

Our first day there, we hit the rooftop pool. The pool is beautiful and quiet. There weren't a lot of kids. Lots of adults just chilling and drinking by the pool. Later that night we went to Bourbon Steakhouse which is on the rooftop of JW Marriott. This steakhouse is gorgeous and the food was incredible! Every dish was perfection.

This pic below was taken at the bar inside the Bourbon Steakhouse.

best restaurants in Nashville

(Nashville tee // skirt // sneaks // fanny bag w strap // necklace stack here, here and here // bracelet)

The following day, we had brunch at Hampton Social. I had heard wonderful things about this Instagram-worthy spot. And boy, was it! It is three level of gorgeous dining and lounging. If you're headed on a girls trip, you'll definitely want to stop here. ;) After brunch we were bar hoping on Broadway and meeting different friends as people we arriving at different times. 

Nashville looks

(band tee // shorts // sneaks // necklace stack // fanny bag w strap // hat from Camp the Label, similar here)

Some of these photos are so dark! The lighting is a constant battle, ha. But you get the point. This place is CUUUUTE.

Nashville going out

We spent the afternoon bar hoping and listening to the best live music! The pic below is Tooth with his best friend from high school and his best friend from college (they played college basketball together). So fun to catch up and introduce all the friends from different phases of life!

Nashville style

That night we had dinner at Church and Union. I absolutely loved this meal! We had two large tables to hols about 14 of us and it was a great meal with fun cocktails on the menu. 

(denim romper // boots // YSL // necklace stack // bracelets)

Nashville outfits
Nashville birthday

The next day, Saturday, was the big day! This was the day everyone was in town together. We surprised Tooth with a party bus! 

Nashville party bus

We're missing people from this pic! It was a huge group. Highly recommend this activity!

Nashville party

This is such a fun thing to do if you have a big group! You can rent the entire bus (holds 30) or you can just rent the "seats" you need if you're a smaller group (and then you're splitting the bus with other groups). We had the entire bus and you bet your butt I wasn't gonna forget the party hats! ;) 

Nashville style

I got these fun, custom party hats HERE - they were a hit! I ordered in four different colors. Obvi in 80s colors because Tooth loved the 80s! 

Nashville food

(band tee // skort // similar birks here and here // fanny bag w strap - I LOVE // earrings // custom party hats)

Saturday night we had the rooftop reserved at The Twelve Thirty Club as a private event. 

things to do in Nashville

(band tee // fringe skirt // sequin booties // YSL // earrings)

This is Justin Timberlakes club and I had heard great things about the food, music, and atmosphere. We had entry cocktails and dinner provided on the rooftop and it was perfect. The food was amazing and the entire atmosphere is just perfection. It turned out so great!

Nashville going out
Nashville outfits

Our final morning in Nashville, we had brunch at The Diner. This is six stories and I hear the rooftop is awesome. We had a large party and we not on rooftop, but I'd recommend! It's a great location and good food. 

Nashville trip
Nashville looks

I highly recommend setting up a private event if you have a large party like this. It would have been impossible to have dinner and drinks together otherwise. And of course, I highly recommend The Twelve Thirty Club. We had the best time!

Nashville style

My mother-in-law and sister-in-law were watching our kids all weekend. They had all the little cousins there and joined us for brunch on Sunday at The Diner. The kids had a blast hanging with cousins and are begging to go back now. Haha. The best memories!

So, there's our fun weekend in a nutshell. I have recapped the weekend details below so you know where we ate, stayed, etc. 

Another detail from the weekend was this Canva image that was made to keep the plans for the weekend organized and easy for people to see. This was sent via text and helped people know what was happening and when.

Nashville birthday trip

Weekend Recap:

Where we stayed and party bus deets:

JW Marriott in Downtown Nashville

Upstage Party Bus 

Custom party hats

Where we ate:

Bourbon Steakhouse (located on the rooftop of JW Marriott)

Church and Union

The Hampton Social

The Diner

The Twelve Thirty Club

Our favorite bars from the weekend:

Tootsies (make sure you check out the rooftop!)

Kid Rock

Jason Aldean

Ole Red

Love, Stef

Nashville birthday weekend, Nashville looks, Nashville style, Nashville going out, Nashville food

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