11 Fun-Filled Ideas for Halloween Gift Baskets for Kids

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Let's talk Halloween gift baskets! (AKA Boo Basket.) If you have been following me for a while, you know how much I love Halloween. In this blog I will be sharing 11 adorable ideas for Halloween gift baskets for kids.

I have collected things for the kids Halloween table and Halloween git baskets over the years, and I reuse as many things as possible. I recommend you buy what you want for your Boo Baskets for kids in advance so you have time to put it all together and buy more Halloween gifts if needed.

We need to start with the Boo Basket itself! I personally have a couple different baskets we use for holidays. I mix it up depending on color I want for the Halloween gift baskets and also depending on the size I want. We have jelly baskets and wire baskets for holidays. You can also use classic Halloween trick-or-treating buckets! 

boo baskets for kids
halloween gift baskets for kids

11 Adorable Ideas for Halloween Gift Baskets for Kids:

1. Halloween Blankets

We love to snuggle up and watch out favorite Halloween movies! Hocus Pocus and Casper are two favorites in our house. Getting Halloween themed blankets for Boo Baskets for kids is a great start! 

2. Halloween Pajamas

I always get the kids Halloween themed pajamas for their Boo Basket. These are so fun for the season! Sometimes we even get matching pajamas for the whole family! HALLOWEEN PAJAMAS HERE and HERE

halloween gifts ideas

3. Halloween Books

I love adding fun new Halloween themed books to their Halloween gift basket! New books for the seasons are always a bedtime favorite. 

4. Spooky Halloween Candy

What Boo Basket is complete without some candy? Adding in some spooky treats is sure to add some fun.

5. Halloween Socks

Since the weather here in Colorado starts to get chilly in the fall, the kids always look forward to new fuzzy socks in the Halloween gift baskets.

boo basket

6. Stuffed Animal

We have so many stuffed animals in our home. But I resist these adorable stuffed animals for their baskets!

7. Fun Halloween-Themed Glasses

These fun holiday glasses are adorable to hang off the side of their Halloween gift baskets. HALLOWEEN GLASSES

8. Halloween Games

Want Halloween gift baskets for kids no candy? No problem! These adorable Halloween themed games are a perfect addition to their Boo Basket. I've purchased some holiday themed games like this in the past and they were a HIT! This is an excellent addition for your Boo Baskets for kids.

halloween gifts for kids

9. Halloween Craft

These are the first things my kids use! They almost immediately head to their art table to start working on whatever craft or project I have given them. This is another awesome candy-free option for the Boo Basket!

10. Holiday Necklaces

Halloween gift baskets for kids aren't complete without glow/light-up necklaces! These are fun for the entire month of October and can even be worn while Trick-or-Treating!

11. Halloween Mug or Cup

If you ask me, number 11 is a must for your Halloween gift baskets for kids! Getting the kids their own Halloween themed mug or cup is so much fun. We use these throughout the season at breakfast, after school snack time, and at dinner. These are festive and cute.

halloween gifts
boo basket ideas

Of course there are some other details that will help elevate the look of your Halloween gift baskets. I always use this gold filler at the bottom of my baskets to help fill in any blank space and help the gift lift up out of the Boo Basket (for viewing pleasure).

This table is used as their art/craft/homework table. This area is specifically for them, and they love having their own zone in the house! And I *love* these acrylic chairs at their art table.

boo basket ideas kids
halloween gift baskets

Extra Halloween decor to spice up your Boo Baskets for kids are: skeletonsspiderwebs, and bats.
I finish off our Boo Baskets with special names tags and a pendent flag Those final touches really take it up a notch!

Click HERE to see last years Boo Baskets

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Love, Stef

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