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I have done Boo Baskets for a few years now. And the kids still love them! I will sob myself to sleep when they get "too cool" for this stuff. We love Halloween over here. I get a lot of questions about where things are from and what is in these Halloween gift baskets for kids so I'm going to answer that here!

boo basket ideas kids
boo baskets for kids

First, can we talk about this backdrop? ALL the heart eyes! This Halloween backdrop I made custom (custom colors) from Glam Fete Party and it's so freaking cool. I also had another custom one made that I will use from Christmas and Valentines Day. This backdrop is a game changer. It's so large and full. If you're decorating a smaller kid table (like from Pottery Barn) this backdrop will probably be too large. I swapped out the kids smaller toddler table for this "art table" and it's gotten a lot of use! The skeletons hanging over the backdrop is from Michaels I believe (similar item linked below) and the garland is from Home Goods last year. There are lots of options on Amazon and Etsy!

Shop: Art table // Clear chairs

halloween gifts
halloween gift baskets

Their Boo Baskets are the simple Halloween baskets from Target. Everything inside the basket is super simple. There is truly nothing overly exciting in there. Haha. But it's still so much fun for them to open these Boo Baskets! :) Fall brings so much excitement! 

boo basket ideas
spooky baskets for kids

This year they contained: socks, stuffed animal, mini puzzle (came in test tube), fun straws, Pop Rocks, Pez, a buildable skeleton, Sour Straw candy, suckers, etc. I shop for this stuff at Target, Michaels, and sometimes the grocery store. I added a dish towel in the bottom of these baskets to make it look fuller. This helps create the look of the basket overflowing without purchasing more toys and goodies. You could also roll up pj's and stuff those in the bottom! I purchased these pjs for the kids.

boo basket
halloween gift baskets for kids

Their cute Boo Thang tees are from Little Mama Shop. I love everything at Little Mama Shop. :) Ok, so here are 137 photos of my kids with their Boo Baskets. Haha. I seriously have the hardest time narrowing it down! These kiddies are so dang cute. They were very excited and hyper... as you can see in these goofy pics. ;)

halloween gift baskets for kids diy

Click HERE to see more Boo Basket ideas!

You can shop items for Boo Baskets below. Click arrows on either side to scroll through items.

Love, Stef

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