4 Epic Family Halloween Costumes for The Greatest Showman

Category: Holiday | Thursday, September 23

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Tim and I have always loved Halloween! I grew up looking forward to this holiday every year. So it's only natural that our kids would love it, too. We love doing Halloween costumes as a family. It's become a tradition for us and it's truly so much fun. This Halloween costume in particular had me in tears! I haven't laughed that hard in a long time. Tim's Halloween costume is one of my favorites ever! Haha. 

Halloween costumes family of four can be tricky. I want to make sure the kids are excited about their Halloween costumes each year. But these four Halloween costumes for The Greatest Showman are epic and everyone was happy with their look!

halloween costumes unique
cute halloween costumes

1. Trapeze Artist

Blakely had the cute Halloween costumes this year! This leotard though... all the heart eyes. Of course her Trapeze Artist costume isn't complete without the amazing pink wig and gold heels

2. Strongman

This is the best Halloween costume I have ever seen. Hahaha! I was literally laughing and crying hysterically at Tim in this thing! Every inch of this situation is just hilarious. Haha. In addition to his packaged costume for the Strongman, we also added in the blowup weights and the mustache. Haha. I can't even look at these pictures without dying! 

halloween costumes group

3. Bearded Lady

Out of all the Halloween costumes this year, this was the hardest to put together! I had to take the Bearded Ladys general look and just put something together. I got this corset dress and then added this satin button up to make it a little more modest. And of course, the beard. Haha!

4. P.T. Barnum

For Ryder, this circus ring master Halloween costume was perfect! All I added was the cane

halloween costumes
halloween cosplay

Im possible to see these pictures and not laugh, right?! Haha. I really appreciate my family for this. Memories forever. I hope these Halloween costumes have given you some inspiration! Please tag me if you do this costume. In my opinion this Halloween costume for the famliy is a must-do! 

kids halloween costumes
halloween costumes couple
halloween costumes family of four

Happy Halloween!

Love, Stef

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