5 Wonderful Reasons to take Fall Family Photos

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We've never done a family photoshoot in the fall before! I was so excited when the leaves decided to stick around a little longer this year. A fall family photoshoot is so dreamy. 

We weren't supposed to have a fall-themed shoot this year. I was originally planning on doing a city vibe like last year. I was sure we booked our photoshoot date too late and didn't think we had a chance to get colorful, fall photos. But we got lucky and the leaves lasted so long this year! Eek! So excited to finally get our fall family photos I have been dreaming of for years. 

photoshoot family ideas
photoshoot family of 3

In this blog I will give my top 5 reasons why you should take your family photoshoot in the fall!

1. Fall temperatures are more comfortable. 

This is a big deal! Doing a family photoshoot in the blazing heat of summer, or in the frigid temps in the winter can lead to some unhappy kids. The temps in fall are wondeful and makes for a much more comfortable experience during your outdoor family photoshoot!

2. Clothing is easier to coordinate. 

Earth tones are a lot easier to mix and match for a larger family. Getting everyone is outfits that vibe together is the hardest part of taking family photots! These earth tones and fall colors are so complimentary of each other and flattering on all skin tones. 

3. The colors are magical!

The color in the fall leaves is truly magical! You can wear very simple outfits with neutral colors and the pictures still pop because these leaves are just breathtaking. Fall family photos have so much color and warmth. Makes for some beautiful fall family photos to hang in your home. 

fall family photos

4. More fun for the kids.

Throwing leaves is fun, no matter your age! Plus, throwing leaves makes for some fun candid fall family photos. The leaves makes this easily the most fun my kids will ever have at a photoshoot. Haha.

5. Beat the holiday family photo rush.

Most families take their family photoshoot in the holiday season (closer to holidays). This time of year is already so full and busy! Getting your family photos taken before the holiday rush is always a good idea. This will also give you plenty of time to get your fall family photos back from the photographer and create your holiday cards!

photoshoot family Christmas
photoshoot family outdoor

If you can't tell, I'm a big fan of a fall family photoshoot. Haha. So glad the leaves stuck around for us this year! These colors are so beautiful.

photoshoot family
fall family photoshoot

You can shop outfits below! All links at bottom of this blog. All of us are wearing fall basics which I love because I know all of these items will be worn throughout fall and winter. 

photoshoot family outfits

Click arrows on either side to scroll through items.

Love, Stef

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