Gaylord Rockies {Summer Staycation}

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The kids and I wanted to surprise Tim with a quick trip to the Gaylord Rockies for Father's Day! We have been to this hotel many times, but never in the summertime. The kids were so excited to *finally* be able to swim in the outdoor pool. Haha. (The outdoor pool is heated all year long, but I'm a wuss in the cold months!)

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This pic below is the view from our room. Beautiful view - and that hangout on the grass there is awesome!

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Our Father's Day gift to Tim was our weekend away as well as a deep tissue massage at the Relache Spa. Even thought we've been to this hotel several times, we've never even seen the spa before! And *gasp* it took my breathe away. It. Is. Stunning. I am gonna be honest and say I was just a tad jealous I wasn't also getting a massage. ;)


The spa is truly gorgeous and so relaxing. (I did peek in to see the relaxation room.) I will absolutely be going back for myself! Haha.


While Tim was getting his massage, the kids and I went to explore the pool. Since we've always been to the Gaylord Rockies in the winter months, I had never seen the entire outdoor pool space. It's so amazing! Of course a stunning backdrop of the Rockies, water slides for the kids, a lazy river, a kiddie pool area for toddlers, and outdoor dining: Arapahoe Springs Bar and Grill. You can also rent outdoor cabanas! 

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In addition to the outdoor Arapahoe Springs Bar and Grill, there is also the Rockies Marketplace inside, where we like to get our morning coffee and quick snacks from throughout our day. 

We swam until the kids were exhausted and then we had dinner reservations at Old Hickory Steakhouse. This place is gorgeous! We've eaten here several times and it never disappoints! (Make sure you get reservations before your vacation.)

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After a delicious steak dinner (and spoiling dad with gifts and cards) we decided to head out back to watch the sunset. Yes, we ate dinner very early just so we'd have time to hang outside afterwards!

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Like I said, we've only really ever stayed here in the winter and I had no idea how beautiful this outdoor space was! The oversized outdoor chess was a hit. The kids ran around barefoot and ate s'mores. We were able to snag some seats by this gorgeous fire pit and relax in the perfect Colorado weather. It was pure bliss. 

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The kids absolutely love getting room service and always trick us into a movie and room service into the wee hours of the night when we stay at the Gaylord Rockies. It turns into a picnic/movie night and we all love it! Room service is 6:00am-1:00am and it has always been a great experience, no matter the hour.

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The next morning we took a quick dip in the pool again before grabbing lunch at Mountain Pass Sports Bar. The guys always love this spot! Haha. It really is the perfect, quick family getaway. And now I am also daydreaming of a quick romantic getaway with just me and Tim! With a trip to the spa, of course. Couples massage is calling my name. ;)

Another note:

We have stayed at the Gaylord Rockies at least twice over the Christmas months and that is SO much fun! I highly recommend doing a trip to the Gaylord to enjoy all the Christmas fun they provide. It's like a Hallmark Movie and the North Pole exploded into one magical place. Haha! A really special place for all the Christmas magic.

Love, Stef

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