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Category: Fashion | Tuesday, May 30

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Every piece in this band t-shirt outfit is a staple. I reach for all these individual items all the time! Who doesn't love a good 'ol band tee? Band tees go with everything. This band t-shirt outfit is casual and comfy while still looking put together. 

pencil skirts outfits casual

I also love this pencil skirt. Pencil skirts are so easy to dress up or down. I reach for this skirt all the time! Another go-to look for me with this pencil skirt is a bodysuit and jean jacket. You can pair with heels, flats, or sneaks

band tees

Oversized t-shirt outfits are a go-to for me. I also have this Elvis t-shirt, and it's a hit! Every summer we do different genres/eras of music. The past three summers we have listened to 90s music. It has been so fun with the kids. It's a tradition at this point. We jam to 90s in the car, at home while doing chores, while we're cooking dinner, etc. It really has been so cool to see which songs/bands the kids enjoy. I grew up in a musical family and music was just a big deal! We also watched 90s movies - it's so fun! I highly recommend this summer tradition. We watched Free Willy, Jumangi, Twister, and many more! 

oversized t-shirt outfit

This summer I wanted to mix it up. I grew up listening to the oldies and all those songs bring a smile to my face. So this summer we are jamming to... 60s music! It's just good, clean music. This littler tradition brings me so much joy! So far Ryder is really digging Elvis. We are also watching Leave it to Beaver. A classic! It's truly so fun to teach the kids about different eras of music. 

band t-shirt outfit

Anywho, loving these oversized band tees. I wore this exact band t-shirt outfit the other day with my favorite hat from Camp the Label. This hat is another staple in my closet! You can see hat deets here: Favorite + Trendy Hats for Women

Love, Stef

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