Favorite + Trendy Hats for Women {Giveaway}

Category: Fashion | Thursday, May 25

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I am so excited to announce a GIVEAWAY for one of these gorgeous felt hats from Camp the Label! My amazing friend, Cassidie, owns this shoppe. She has the best style and of course these stunning felt hats are a must!

wool hat

Camps felt hats come in several size options, which is what made me fall in love with these hats (before I knew Cass personally). I have the biggest head (and a lot of hair - haha) and I have the hardest time finding hats that fit!

trendy hats for women

Believe me when I say I was so excited when I found Camp the Label and I can't say enough good things about the hats... and company in general! They really are the best hats for women (and children). The shoppe has several hat colors and styles. And the kids hats, I die! I truly cannot handle the cuteness.

best hats for women

Giveaway details are posted on my Instagram: @stef.hubble (as well as @campthelabel). Follow the instructions to enter the giveaway for one of these stunning felt hats - it's easy peasy! :)

hat outfit

Camp the Label will be at a pop-up shop June 3rd I’ll be at Broomtail (The Gaylord location). And July 8th at Madewell in Cherry Creek. You can meet Cass in person and shop these trendy hats for women (and children).

hat outfits for women

Cass recently started doing custom branding on her Camp the Label hats! This is an option when you're shopping in person at a pop-up. It's also an option to do custom branding when small batch orders are requested (about 15 hats at a time). You can send a DM to Cass at @campthelabel if you're interested in branding/customization on any of your hats.

trendy hats

Love, Stef

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