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In this blog I will be sharing our Travel Essentials - Amazon Edition. We have traveled many times with the kids and we have our routine down to a science. The kids are very organized with their own chargers, cords, and snacks for the plane (or car ride). 

This list of Travel Essentials makes everything so organized. And we always have everything we need! Some of these items are for me, some are for the kids. All are highly recommend! 

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17 Travel Essentials - Amazon Edition

1. Mama Bag

This "mama" bag comes in different colors (and different words). I love to have a bag inside my large tote so things stay organized. I keep things like pens, hand sanitizer, extra hair ties, phone charger, small snacks, headphones, and whatever else I may have otherwise floating around in my bag. 

2. Charging Cords

Somehow we are always running out of charging cords. Haha. I like this combo because it has the extra Apple Watch charger for me. I also have this pack with extra charging cords. The kids have their own cords they are responsible for (will talk more about this on #16. We keep them tied together with these so the cords don't get into a tanged mess! 

3. Fanny Pack

This fanny pack is nice to wear through airport (especially if dealing with passports) because you're still hands free and can have easy access to documents you need while traveling. This fanny pack comes in several colors and is a price point that you could grab more than one color if you can't decide. ;) This bag is versatile and a must-have for Amazon Travel Essentials

4. Charger Cube

We each have one of these charging cubes. The kids have their own charging cubes and cords they are responsible for. They pack these in their own backpacks while traveling. These are a Travel Essentials list must!

5. Freezable Snack Bag

This freezable snack bag is a favorite for the kids. They freeze these the night before we travel and it keeps their snacks cold while we travel. They pack these freezable snack bags in their backpacks so they can grab a snack whenever they want.

6. Airplane Phone Holder

This airplane phone holder is a game changer! The kids use iPads on the airplane, but I just have my phone to watch movies on. My neck used to kill me because I was looking down and holding my phone in my lap or on the tray table on plane. I get asked about this airplane phone holder every single time I travel because people want to know where to buy it! Haha. Best $12 I ever spent and a must-have Airplane Travel Essential!

7. Stanley - Big Grip

I love this Stanley because it keeps my water cold and it makes me drink more water throughout the day - obvi. I usually pack this in my roller carry-on since I don't have it full of water through security. But I love having this Stanley with me while we're traveling so I can keep ice cold water with me all day long. 

8. Travel Bag

Ok, this is a very important decision to me. Haha. I always travel with a roller carry-on bag. Tooth and I have had our luggage lost or delayed many times and I have learned to have the absolute most important items with me while traveling. So I prefer to travel with a roller carry-on and a large tote or duffle bag. This way I have everything I need with me and this combo is easy to roll around the airport. 

The roller carry-on is the work horse. I always put my tote or duffle bag on top of the roller carry-on and it makes things hands free and simple for me while navigating the airport with kids. This system just works and I recommend for easy traveling

I love this duffle bag because it slides onto the handle of your roller carry-on. Easy peasy! It comes in many color options. I also love this puffer tote. This is another cute puffer tote! I of course love my totes! I collect totes. Haha! This Tory Burch tote is so pretty! I also love this Chloe Canvas tote. A couple more options worth noting are: this Work Tote, this soft Faux Leather Tote, and the Goyard Tote

Things I keep in my roller carry-on are must-have items like meds, blankets for kids, curling irons, swimsuits, phone charger, pjs, one outfit, and whatever else feels really important (depending on the trip). In my tote or duffle bag I keep my laptop, snacks, headphones, hand sanitizer, sunglasses, and a few other things I want to have easy access to while flying. 

9. Clear Toiletry Bag

These clear toiletry bags are a new favorite of mine. I love having things separated into different bags. I keep my shower things in one, sink items (like toothpaste, hair ties, etc) in another, and facial items in the 3rd. These clear toiletry bags keep me so organized while traveling! You can use these clear bags for many different purposes and that makes these bags an Amazon Travel Essential!

10. Portable Charger

I like to have a portable charger with us while we travel. We've had delayed and flights canceled and it adds to the stress when our phones die! I forgot my portable charger last time we traveled and I was so bummed when my phone died mid-flight and I couldn't watch my movie. Haha. This is an overlooked Travel Essential

11. Headphones 

I always have a least two extra sets of headphones on me! We've lost some before. And we've also had ones randomly stop working. So I always have extra headphones on hand. 

12. Weekly Travel Pill Planner

I love this weekly travel pill planner for vitamins or meds! I use this every single time we travel anywhere and so it easily makes the top 17 Travel Essentials list!

13. Pro Case iPad

The kids love these cases because they can stand up for easy movie watching. It is not super protective for littles who are going to drop/throw iPad around. I loved these cases when the kids were younger. 

14. Spinner Wheel Luggage Set

This is a new spinner wheel luggage set has been great. I've used it on multiple trips and it's worked wonderfully. I store the carry-on inside the larger one for easy storage and space saver. I have loved this set and an obvious Travel Essential.

15. Travel Packing Cubes

We've used these travel packing cubes for years. They've lasted a long time! I don't pack all my things in these travel packing cubes, but it does help me stay organized with certain items. Especially when we're sharing suitcases with the kids. The kids love these things! Haha. 

16. Protective Carrying Case

The kids each have their own protective carrying case. They absolutely love having their own chargers and case. In their protective carrying cases they have their own charging cubes (see #4) and their own charging cords (see #2). They are responsible for keeping these organized and love setting up their charging stations once we get to hotel. Haha. They typically travel with iPad, Smart Watch, Yoto, and sometimes their cameras.

These protective carrying cases are fun for the kids and helps them be responsible and organized while traveling. These cases are a must-have Travel Essential

17. Backpack Purse

I absolutely love this backpack purse and can't recommend it enough. It is an absolute must-have for my Travel Essentials list. This backpack purse has been used and loved for years. It comes in several color options! I love that the access to the main pocket is on the "back" so people can't access it while it's on your back. (I have a very strange fear of someone stealing out of backpacks - haha! I have no idea why. But I hate that I can't see it. This "hidden" access to the main pocket makes me feel so much better.) This backpack purse also comes with a strap so you can wear it on shoulder if you prefer. 

I also love using this backpack purse when I'm out and about with the kids. Whether we're at the zoo or we're on a field trip. It holds more than you'd think and I love having free hands while we're on the go. 

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In addition to this list of 17 Travel Essentials, I always have these motion sickness patches with me! Blakely and I struggle with motion sickness and it's no fun. We both wear these motion sickness patches when we're traveling and it definitely takes the edge off! 

You can also shop my Amazon Storefront HERE. I have several categories with allll the things. This makes for easy access to links and easy shopping. Hope this Travel Essentials list helps!

Love, Stef

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