Family Halloween Costumes: Scooby Doo

Category: Holiday | Saturday, October 22

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In case you're new around here, we love Halloween! We love doing family Halloween costumes each year. This year, Tooth (my husband Tim) got to choose the theme. He's talked about Scooby Doo for a few years, so I wasn't surprised when he chose it! 

I didn't realize how much Tooth loved Scooby Doo! When we got to this beautiful spot to take photos he was all about getting us into character. He made me (Velma) drop my glasses and look for them. And then he had Ryder (Shaggy) hold Poppy (Scooby) while he (Fred) held them! Haha. So funny! This was easily Tooth's favorite family Halloween costume yet.

scooby doo halloween costumes
family halloween costumes

In this blog I will be sharing our family Halloween costumes for Scooby Doo. This is a fun and easy Halloween costume for family or a group of friends! You can also see our Greatest Showman family costume HERE. 

halloween costumes

5 Costumes for Scooby Doo:

1. Fred

Tooth as Fred with that blonde wig... I die! The morning of our family photos for our Halloween costumes, he shaved! He didn't even let me say goodbye to his beard. Haha. I always beg him to grow out some scruff. It took me years to convince him! Haha. He came down bare-faced and I was shooketh. I couldn't believe he shaved his beard without saying anything! But he was adamant that he couldn't have a beard because "Fred doesn't have a beard". Ha! (You can see his beard I loveeee in our last family photos from this past summer HERE.)

This costume was super simple! Fred's entire outfit came as a set. We also ordered this blonde wig. HAHA. I love it. And he wore brown shoes/sneakers to complete the look. 

scooby doo cosumtes

Fun fact: Tooth can sound exactly like Scooby Doo! He makes the "wrot-wroh" sound just like him! Haha.

2. Daphne

This costumes is the cutest. Daphne is the cutest character! Blakely was feelin' herself in this adorable costume. That orange wig. I can't. 

Daphne's outfit came as a set. Blakely needed white tights, this orange wig, and these loafers which are the most adorable loafers I've ever seen! I seriously can't get over how cute this costume is!

halloween costumes of four

3. Velma

This costume was so funny. I actually love this look! Velma's outfit also came as an entire set. It even came with the tights and wig! I added these loafers to complete the look. 

Here I am taking Fred away from Daphne. ;)

halloween costumes couples

4. Shaggy

This costume was almost too easy! It's barely even a costume. Haha. Ryder refused to wear the wig for Shaggy, but I think it helps with the "shaggy" look, ya know. 

Halloween costumes family

5. Scooby Doo

Poppy was the cutest Scooby I ever did see. She was a trooper. Haha. She doesn't love wearing "clothes" but man is she cute or what! This doggy costume was easy! :)

family halloween costumes
group scooby doo costumes

This family Halloween costume was a blast - and truly so easy! I love seeing big group Halloween costumes or family Halloween costumes. It's good, clean fun for all. 

You can also check out our Frozen family Halloween costumes and our Greatest Showman family Halloween costumes. Such fun memories.

cute halloween costumes
kids halloween costumes

Happy Trick-or-Treating!

Love, Stef

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