St Patricks Day Treats {Cookies, Pancakes, Charcuterie Board}

Category: Holiday | Monday, March 13

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These St Patricks Day cookies were so simple to make! Serve them on these fun four leaf clover plates or cutting boards for added holiday cheer. I love surprising the kids with fun holiday treats after school. It always puts a big smile on their faces! :)

All you need are wafer cookies, chocolate melts, and some fun sprinkles! I always let my chocolate treats dry on parchment paper. Once they're dry I serve the St Patricks Day cookies on a fun plate or board and voila! Holiday magic. 

You can watch me making these fun St Patricks Day treats on my Instagram reels @stef.hubble

St Patricks Day cookies

Ok, these St Patricks Day rainbow pancakes were a fail. Haha! I tried using organic food coloring and it was a total flop. So if you're wanting to make really bright, vibrant colored pancakes (which was my goal) then I recommend using regular food dye (and not the organic kind which doesn't look quite the same). 

But even with the colors not being quiet as vibrant as I originally planned, the kids still loved these colorful St Patricks Day pancakes. I recommend topping with a cute cake topper! I also have cake toppers made with the kids names and those are always a hit! The personalized things are always extra fun. You could also top these pancakes with whipped cream and some fun Lucky Charms marshmallows. Those are a fun touch! 

You can also watch me make these colorful St Patricks Day pancakes on my Instagram reels @stef.hubble

St Patricks Day pancakes

And of course, I had to make the kids a St Patricks Day charcuterie board! Haha. This is a go-to after school snack for the kids. I take every opportunity to make these after school snacks more fun with festive plates and napkins for the kids. A themed St Patricks Day snack is always a hit over here! It's the little things in life. Haha. 

If I can find fun crackers or little treats to make these holiday themed snack boards more fun, I will add those! But they aren't necessary to make this go-to after school snack special. The kids really do light up on the days I am able to get a cute snack put together for them and have it set up when they get home from school. Mannnnnn, I'm gonna miss these days. (Insert sobbing face.)

St Patricks Day charcuterie board

Love, Stef

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