St Patricks Day Rainbow Yarn Craft

Category: Holiday | Tuesday, March 7

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I wanted to plan a simple craft for St Patricks Day. Somethings the kids and I could do together. Grammy was in town as well! It was so fun sitting together and crafting away. We always have the funniest and cutest little chats while we're sitting around working on a project together. This was so easy to do - and so fun!

We made these adorable St Patricks Day rainbows! This St Patricks Day rainbow craft was so easy to do and you only need a few items to put this together. This is easy to do with little kids, but they made need help with the hot glue gun.

St Patricks Day craft

Items needed to create St Patricks Day Rainbow Yarn Craft:

1. Yarn - in assorted colors.

2. Pipe Cleaners - any color is fine.

3. Hot Glue Gun

4. Cotton Pom Poms

5. Ribbon - if you'd like to hang it from door or hook.

6. Gold Paper - if you'd like to add a letter or stars.

St Patricks Day craft easy
Instructions to make St Patricks Day Rainbow Yarn Craft:

1. Wrap the pipe cleaners with yarn. Do this with all assorted colors for the rainbow.

2. Once all 5 colors have been used on pipe cleaners, glue the five yarn-covered pipe cleaners together. Make sure the bend the rainbow curved shape while gluing so the rainbow shape holds once glue is dried.

3. Glue the cotton pom poms on to create the clouds. 

4. Cut the letters and glue them onto the from of the yarn rainbow.

5. Add ribbon to back of rainbow to create a loop to hang on door or hook.

This easy St Patricks Day craft was fun for all! These would be fun to hang on the kids St Patricks Day Gift Baskets if you plan to put those together. You can see ours HERE

St Patricks Day rainbow craft

There is a video/reel of me creating these St Patricks Day Yarn Rainbow Crafts on my Instagram. You can find me @stef.hubble - you can find lots of reels for all the holiday inspo for kids!

You can get loads of gift ideas for St Patricks Day HERE. Stay tuned for some fun St Patricks Day snack and treat ideas coming soon! :)

Love, Stef

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