St Patrick's Day Gift Ideas

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In this blog I will be sharing 13 items for St Patrick's Day Gift Ideas. I love to surprise the kids with little gifts each year and this list is filled with classic gifts that can be used over and over again each year to celebrate this fun holiday. 

I usually keep this holiday pretty simple with one gift basket for the kids to share. This year I will be giving them each a small basket with some fun St Patrick's Day goodies. Stay tuned for the next blog where I will be sharing some adorable St Patrick's Day Baskets for Kids

st patricks day baskets for kids

13 Items for St Patricks' Day Gift Ideas:

1. Festive Headband

This festive headband is so cute for girls! We're always collecting cute headbands for the holiday. :)

2. Girls Shirt 

This shirt is so adorable! I got this for Blakely's St Patricks Day Gift Basket. This shoppe has so much fun tees!

3. Balloon Garland

No explanation needed. ;)

4. Pot of Gold

These are always a hit with the kids. I include some fake coins and some chocolate coins!

5. Festive Socks

I always grab some festive socks for our St Patricks Day baskets for kids! Now that the kids are getting bigger I tend to grab women's socks and they fit really well. 

6. Drinking Glasses

Having St Patricks Day themed https://rstyle.me/+DNTiQk_8k6h... always creates a festive vibe. I'll use these for breakfast or after school snacks and the kids love them. Me, too!

7. Fringe Backdrop

I love these fringe backdrops! I have several in different colors for the holidays. They are big and create such a fun space for the kids.

8. Books

How to Catch a Leprechaun and https://rstyle.me/+9LlBavHfLOm... are adorable books to add to the kids bookshelves for St Patricks Day. 

9. Glasses

Fun glasses are always a win in my book! 

10. Cutting Board + Plates

Flour leaf clover cutting boards and plates are extra festive. These are a simple way to add a St Patricks Day themed twist to any snack. 

11. St Patricks Dat Rainbow Garland

I was dying for this rainbow garland this year. It's a favorite for sure! 

12. Boys Shirt

Ryder is growing so fast! I got him this shirt and it barely fits! Haha. I'm in denial that they are growing so fast. Anyway, this tee is a great one for boys! Another one of my favorite shoppes!

13. Pennant Flags

These pennant flags are a easy way to add some St Patricks Day fun to your life! 

St Patty Day gifts kids

Follow along on Instagram @stef.hubble to see other festive treats and crafts for some St Patricks' Day fun. Everything (and a couple extras) are linked below for easy shopping.

Love, Stef

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