5 Insanely Cute Details for Kids Lunchbox Ideas

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It doesn't have to be hard to have some creative ideas up your sleeve for cute lunchbox ideas for kids

In this blog I will be sharing the fun details that take simple lunchbox ideas to the next level.
One of my kids favorite things about lunch are the cute lunchbox notes for kids. It really is the little things in life. Am I right? :)

kids lunchbox ideas

5 Insanely Cute Details for Kids Lunchbox Ideas:
1. Lunchboxes

The kids bento boxes are from Stuck on You. They are so, so cute. I love the personalization, pictures, etc. We also have the name stickers and the shoppe is just so cute! I adore these lunchboxes. They also make great gifts!

I am linking other bento boxes as well that are easier to clean. They are two pieces (instead of three) and are easier to take apart, wash, etc. I also always have two lunchboxes (per kid) so I don't have to stress about having them perfectly cleaned and dried each night before bed. 

2. Kids Lunchbox Notes and Jokes

Another part I love... Kids lunchbox jokes! I don't use these everyday, but adding a little surprise note into their lunchboxes is extra special. Ryder loves the jokes (haha) but really any little note is cute and fun for the kids. They eat this part up! They never know when they'll be getting notes and sometimes they even ask if they can write little notes for each other and surprise each other with notes. #adorable

kids lunchbox ideas for school

3. Sandwich Cutters

I have a few different sandwich cutters I use for fun shapes. If I'm really in the mood to make cute lunchboxes, I will even use mini cookie cutters for cheese, cucumbers, etc. That being said, I go through phases of having the energy and desire to do this. Haha. Usually the beginning of school or around the holidays, these extra steps are fun to make lunches (or after school snacks) special. 

The sandwich cutters really make the cute lunchbox ides for kids so much easier. This requires zero thought. It's just cute!

bento box

4. Fun Toothpicks

These are so cute and you can add them to anything! Sometimes I get really into creating cute lunchboxes and these really take it up a notch. Haha. Can you tell I'm all about the details?

5. Lunchbox Ice Packs

We have a lot of fun lunchbox ice packs. This is just another cute detail. A fun gift idea is getting someone a lunchbox set! Including an ice pack, lunchbox, water bottle, sandwich cutters etc. The kids eat this up! (Pun intended.)

cute lunchboxes

Blakely's backpack this year is so cute! I got in personalized with her initials and she loves it. I also got the matching lunchbox and water bottle. This water bottle is so nice! I want one myself. ;)

Also, these little snack bags are so fun! We do not use these for school (because their snacks have to be disposable) but we use these all the time in the car. If we're ever on the go, on road trip, longer drive to mountains, etc... We have these filled with snack with kids on the go. So cute and easy. 

kids lunchbox ideas

I hope these five insanely cute details for kids lunchbox ideas were helpful. I love surprising the kids with fun notes + sandwich shapes in their lunch. It's like a little hello from me while they're at school. Tag me on Instagram if you use any of these cute lunchbox ideas for kids. My Instagram name has changed! You can find me here: @stef.hubble

Love, Stef

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