Girls Bedroom Christmas Decor {Pink Tree}

Category: Holiday | Wednesday, December 14

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I was so excited to surprise the kids with Christmas trees in their bedrooms this year! The kids have asked to have trees in their bedrooms for a few years now, so I decided to surprise them with their very own Christmas trees! Blakely has some cute Christmas room decor and I knew a pink tree would be a perfect addition.

girls Christmas tree ideas

A girly Christmas tree for our girly girl was so exciting to put together. I knew she wanted a pink tree and had so much fun gathering special ornaments for her pink themed Christmas tree

girly Christmas tree

I wanted to get a pink tree that was big enough to stand alone on the floor in her bedroom. (I didn't want a tiny tree to be on her dresser.) I decided on this pink Xmas tree from Amazon. I love the size of this tree and I love that it's flocked. If you know me, you know my deep love for flocked Christmas trees. Haha. 

girls bedroom Christmas decor

This tree is so pretty! I was truly impressed with the quality and color of this pink Christmas tree. I was kind of wishing it was for my bedroom! Haha. I also got this white tree collar and it fit perfectly. Tree collars make the tree look complete and so put together. I like tree skirts when you are planning to load the bottom of the tree up with gifts. But for Blakely's bedroom with her pink tree, I knew I would prefer a tree collar because we won't be putting Christmas gifts under this tree. (We have four trees throughout our house now! All gifts go under the tree in the main family room.)

pink tree
pink Xmas tree

This pink tree was not pre-lit, so I bought these lights to put on her tree. She loves these lights and you can switch the mode/settings of the lights (there are 8 different modes). Blakely loves switching up the light setting and it truly makes her bedroom so magical at night!

pink themed Christmas tree

I love the look of pompom garland on Christmas trees, so I got this white pompom garland for Blakely's pink tree. I used 5 strands around her tree, but could have used more! These white pompoms look so pretty against the flocked pink Christmas tree. It really is so pretty. 

pink Christmas tree decorations

Over time I was collecting different ornaments for Blakely's pink tree. Every single ornament was from Target. I will link similar ornaments at the bottom of this blog for easy shopping. The pink Santa ornaments are a favorite of mine! She loves the swan ornaments. But honestly, every single ornament is absolutely darling. I plan to add some pink and white ballerina ornaments as well. 

pink tree Christmas

All of the ornaments on Blakely's pink Xmas tree are white, gold, pink, silver, and a little black. It's very clean and simple. It turned out so beautiful! I knew Blakely would be so excited when she saw this pink tree all set up in her bedroom. This girly Christmas tree might be my favorite spot of all her cute Christmas room decor

cute Christmas room decor

You can shop Blakely's wallpaper here. You can also see her girls bedroom Christmas decor from a couple years ago HERE

Love, Stef

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