Coffee Filter Flower Craft {Mother's Day}

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Let's make some Coffee Filter Flowers! This coffee filter flower craft is a fun activity you can do with your kiddos for Mother's Day. Or you can make them with your mom, like I did! Either way, these are easy and fun to make. I love the idea of these DIY flowers lasting and being able to enjoy them for a long time!

Let's dive right into the process of making these pretty DIY Coffee Filter Flowers. :) 

coffee filter flowers diy

Dyeing the Coffee Filters:

1. Open coffee filters and flatten them out.

2. Use a large baking dish to dye the filters.

3. Add several drops of food color or acrylic paint and stir until dissolved. (Dip one coffee filter to test the color.)

4. When you reach desired color, place the coffee filters (6-10 at a time) in the colored water. Make sure the coffee filters are all completely colored so they dye evenly.

5. Lift dyed filters out and place a paper towel covered cookie sheet. Pat with dry paper towels.

6. Cover another cookie sheet with parchment paper, overlapping the edges of the cookie sheet. Layer the dyed coffee filters on the cookie sheet.

7. Bake dyed coffee filters at 250 degrees for about 20 minutes. Depending on the number of filters, this may take longer. Keep an eye on them and remove each layer as they get dry. Don’t allow them to brown.

how to make coffee filter flowers

Making the Coffee Filter Flowers:

1. Lay 3-5 coffee filters on top of each other. Cut in a spiral starting at zero and gradually widening to about one inch.

2. Fold the point (the tip on the outside of the coffee filter) down about 1”-1.5” to use as a “handle”. Wrap the spiral round and round with the inside cut to the center and the wide side at the top.

3. When you finish wrapping, hold at the base and twist the petals open. You will need to unwind the spiral to get the spacing right. You can push the flower/petals open as much as you'd like to make the flower larger.

4. Glue the base of the coffee filter flower with hot glue. You might need need to trim a bit of the coffee filter if it's tangled and crowded at the base of the coffee filter flower. I added little pieces of extra coffee filter and glued them to bottom of each coffee filter flower, just to make sure they weren't going to come undone.

Tip: make sure the coffee filter flower is fully unwound and "fluffed" up as much as you want before you glue it in place. You won't be able to unwind the flower anymore once you glue the bottom.

You can watch this process in a reel on my Instagram: @stef.hubble Sometimes the visual helps me understand the steps! :)

coffee filter craft

coffee filter flower craft
Assemble Box:

1. Take a flattish box that will fit your flowers. If you can't find a box in the color you want, you can always paint the outside and a bit of the inside of the box in a color of your choice. (I really wanted a black box, but couldn't find one! So I painted the box black and let it dry while I was dyeing the coffee filters.)

2. Use a piece of styrofoam cut to the box size or use card stock with folded sides to create a raised bottom. This raised bottom on the inside of the box will help the flowers stick up out of the box a bit.

3. Use glue gun to attach moss to inner edges of the box.

4. Glue a coffee filter flower in the box (I lined them up to make sure I had enough to fit the box before I glued them in permanently) and a little moss between each flower until the box is full.

5. Fluff the flowers and … voila! You’ve created a coffee filter flower Rose Box!

coffee filter flowers

These beautiful DIY coffee filter flowers will look beautiful in any room of the house! Mine are in a shallow box (you can do any shape or size or box, just make sure they are propped up enough inside the box so they stick up out of the top of the box) and they are on top of coffee table books in my formal living room. 


These were so fun to make! I recommend watching my reel so you get a visual of the steps of creating these pretty coffee filter flowers. You can do any color you'd like for the flowers and it's a fun activity with the kiddos. 

coffee filter flower

Wishing you all a Happy Mother's Day this weekend!

Love, Stef

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