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This year for Spring Break we went back to Cancun, Mexico. We are like a moth to a flame with Mexico. Haha. I can't get enough! We had some friends join us and had the best time together. Another fun surprise was Tooth randomly running into his dental school buddy at breakfast! We were all the same resort and ti was so fun to catch up and spend some relaxing time in the sun. 

Cancun Mexico
Cancun Mexico resorts

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We stayed at Dreams Natura in Cancun, Mexico. We've stayed here before and the kids loved it. It's a smaller resort, so it's easy to go to and from all the things. This resort truly in kid heaven! They have water slides, a water park for kids, a lazy river, zip lining, and a rock climbing wall.

all inclusive resorts

These all inclusive resorts (that we love staying at) are so fun and easy with a family! We don't typically leave the resort. They have so much to do on property! And honestly, the kids mostly want to swim all day. They have several restaurants and bars. They also have a teen hangout area, CoreZone, that Ryder was able to join this time (how is he getting so old?!) and he loved it! It's like a big kid arcade hangout. He didn't want to leave! 

all inclusive resorts Mexico
Mexico vacation

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These hotels do such a great job keeping everyone entertained all day long. Ryder absolutely loves doing their daily "challenges" and games each day at the pool/beach. He's so fun! He always has a blast doing this and makes friends the first day we're there. Haha! Love his heart. 

Mexico spring break

This all inclusive resort has fun activities each night. Sometimes we catch a live show and they also do movie nights - the kids love that! We watched Harry Potter under the stars and it's vacation heaven. I truly live for these trips and soak in all the family time!

Cancun Mexico
all inclusive resorts Mexico

Matching braids for the win! So fun twinning with this girl. :) Her dress is linked at the bottom of this blog for easy shopping!

There is a cute little pool lunch bar called Barefoot Grille and they serve quick and easy lunches (think nachos and burgers). You can grab these in your swimsuits and eat at your chairs. This is literally the kids dream life, haha. We all love this chill, relaxed vibe so much. 

Cancun Mexico resorts

We are members of this Unlimited Vacation Club. You can read more about our all inclusive resort vacations at these hotels here: A Complete Guide to Our Best Beach Vacations. We go to one of these resorts at least once a year. But I always feel like the goal is 2-3x!

Mexico spring break

Love, Stef

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