Anniversary Beach Vacation {Mexico}

Category: Travel | Thursday, April 25

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Tooth and I are celebrating our tenth anniversary! I can't believe we've been together for ten years. The time has flown by! We decided to celebrate this milestone with an anniversary beach vacation to Mexico. This time away was much needed. I know you parents of young kids out there feel me on this one. Haha. 

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We decided to stay at Dreams SOMETHING Maroma on our getaway. One of Tim's college buddies was married here (when I was pregnant with Ryder!) and we loved it. 

best vacations for couples

I was hoping to get some pretty beach anniversary pictures on this trip. I absolutely love the beach and love how these pics turned out. Usually, we are taking pics with all the kids and it's never just us two. I'm so glad to have these beautiful pictures of us on the beach! 

anniversary beach vacation

We absolutely love Mexico! It's one of our favorites and best vacation for couples. The views from this hotel are breathtaking. I can't wait to bring the kids back someday. The beach is the most peaceful, spiritual experience. There is nothing like it! I feel totally rejuvenated after spending time at the beach. This trip was so relaxing and great for us to have time for just each other. 

anniversary trip ideas

The restaurants at ADD HEREEEEEEEEEE are so good. Actually, that's why our friends chose this hotel for their wedding! We had some wonderful meals together, got to sleep in, and enjoy some fun nighttime entertainment. It was a great (and much needed) break from life together. I would never turn down an anniversary beach vacation!

Bech anniversary pictures

Happy Anniversary to my sweet hubby! In a few short months we'll be celebrating 8 years of marriage with our three kiddos. Time flies!

Love, Stef

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