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I surprised Tooth with a trip to Nashville for his birthday! We try to get away together once a year and this Nashville vacation was more fun than we expected! Tooths family lives in Tennessee, but when we're there visiting family, we never take the time to go downtown and experience all Nashville has to offer. So this trip was overdue and so much fun. I'm glad we finally took time to see the city and explore. We were only there a few days, so it was a quick trip.

downtown Nashville

Lots of questions about where we stayed, what restaurants we liked, etc. So I wanted to add all my recommendations for Nashville vacation here so you can refer to them in the future for your Nashville travel guide. We seriously loved Nashville. Neither one of us had experienced Nashville and we fell in love. Downtown Nashville is the coolest and obvi has the best music. Everywhere you go, music is involved and it's so much fun. Live music everywhere you turn. We were in love. And the people are the kindest, warmest people. I honestly didn't expect to love it so much. I'm a sucker for live music and rooftop bars.

Nashville travel guide

I wanted to stay in trendier boutique hotel and I wanted to be in the heart of downtown Nashville. We chose Noelle, which was walking distance from Broadway (where all the action is). Noelle was a very pretty hotel! I am a sucker for paneling and there is a lot of beautiful wood paneling details throughout the hotel and in the rooms. The layout is kinda funky, so the lobby is in the back on main floor. There is a rooftop bar and also a coffee shoppe on main floor. We ate breakfast at Noelle hotel restaurant one morning but it wasn't our favorite (again, kinda funky location inside basement of hotel) so we ate out and about more.

Nashville vacation

Other hotels I was interested in: Omni, The Joseph, The Bobby, The Thompson, Hutton, and The Gaylord (hear this is awesome with kids/family!) There are a lot of other amazing hotels as well! I suggest staying downtown Nashville so you're walking distance to Broadway, because that made everything so easy and it's fun to walk the city.

Nashville vacation ideas

As usual, there were lots of places I wanted to eat while on this Nashville vacation! We had brunch at The Pinewood Social which was a great spot! Other spots we ate at the we loved: Adele's, Nada (in midtown), and Frothy Monkey for breakfast. All spots were great! We also ate lunch at Ole Red's rooftop bar. Ole Red is Blake Shelton's bar and was Tim's #1 fav spot (seen in pic above, look at those views!)

downtown Nashville

We didn't do any shopping while in Nashville, but here were some boutiques I wanted to hit: Emerson Grace, Uncommon James, Alexis and Bolt, Molly Green, Rachel's Boutique, and Ellie Mae Boutique. These are boutiques that were either recommended or I had heard of and wanted to visit. We are already planning our next trip there - and I want to have time for some Nashville shopping!

Nashville travel

Travel tip: I highly recommend you rent some scooters! They are available on the streets. You download the app and ride. So easy and it was honestly SO fun haha. We rode around the city and over the bridge. It was hilarious and so fun. Tim was teasing me that he could walk faster than I was riding, but in my mind I was CRUISING! Bahaha. I'm not the biggest thrill seeker if ya didn't know. ;) Definitely a good time!

Nashville travel guide

Recap of our Nashville vacation recommendations is below. Let me know if you go to any of these places! I can't wait to head back and experience more. It was a great time and we met the coolest people. Til next time, Nash!

Nashville travel

Nashville Travel Guide:

Hotels: Noelle, The Joseph, The Bobby, The Thompson, Hutton, The Gaylord

FOODDinner: Adele's, Geist, Nada Nashville -in midtown, Rolf & Daughters, Henriette Red, 404 Kitchen

Breakfast/Brunch/Lunch: Frothy Monkey, Milk and Honey, FidoThe Pharmacy - lunch, Assembly Food Hall, Hattie B's, Pinewood Social, Bar Taco, Burger Up

Boutiques: Emerson Grace, Uncommon James, Alexis and Bolt, Molly Green, Rachel's Boutique, Ellie Mae Boutique

Bars: Ole Red, Tootsies, Deirks Bentley, Kid Rock, Jason Aldean, Luke Bryan

Love, Stef

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