Cute Easter Baskets for Kids

Category: Holiday | Thursday, April 6

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I am so proud of myself for getting the kids Easter baskets put together in advance! Haha. Always a good idea to make sure you have enough stuff and set it up so you're not stressed about it the day of (been there).

cute Easter basket ideas

I love this Easter banner. Makes for a very easy set up. I have several for different holidays and love them! They are always so cute to decorate in kids rooms for all the holidays. 

fun Easter baskets

I always give the kids a stuffed bunny in their Easter baskets! Growing up, my mom always put a stuffed bunny in our Easter baskets. Over the years, they got smaller and smaller. Ha! I remember one year I didn't get one and I was like *GASP* (insert shocked face). Haha! It's funny how we remember the silliest things. Also a good reminder that even though the kids may not say much, they really do love these little traditions and gifts. 

Easter baskets for kids

If you want a full rundown of what is inside these cute Easter baskets, you can see a reel where I put these together on Insta: @stef.hubble

Easter baskets

These Easter baskets are simple and oh, so cute. If you want ideas for Easter baskets for kids (stuffers) then check out this blog HERE. Wishing you a very Happy Easter!

Love, Stef

fun Easter baskets, Easter basket, cute Easter basket ideas

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